Most of all the times, we hear gospel artists claiming to preach the Gospel in their songs, but does music really have the ability to lead one into salvation?

I( Jenius ) had to suck out the opinion of few musicians, and the good news is that you may leave the comment on the comment box and let us know what do you think about the topic.

Question: Can inspiration of music play a certain role in leading one to salvation?

Zacchaeus Therapper
Yes, It Can Be. Yet We Need To Look At The Factors Such As, Will People Return To Who They Were When We No Longer Provide Such Music. The Inspirational Music Can Lead One Into A Better Person… And Make Them Feel Alive And Appreciated. For That To Happen MUSICIANS Need To Work A Bit More Harder And Bring New Vibes Of Inspiration.

My Point Is That. Thank You.

Brandon Gospels
I 💯 believe it can… I have been rapping since the word go, inspired by Zola, DMX, Zakwe e.t.c. Then at19, my Uncle made me listen to Temptation track from 116 clique album… It was speaking about Sex/ a real man … And that time I was all over girls… But it spoke volume even now and at 21 I made it real with God.

Mcola DaFuture
I believe, definitely, yes. I’ve had someone tell me they went to church after listening to a song of mine. Even though they never told me that they’re now saved, I believe music inspiration can lead one to salvation.

Keagan Holland
I personally strongly believe that media (music, movies, art) has the biggest influence in today’s generation … I remember while I was newly saved still listening to art not feeding my spirit, and I started feeling distant from God. However, I do support quality art and respect the hard work put behind it. So yes I believe that music can be a tool to bring one to Jesus (which is one of the ultimate goals of my music career). By being drifted from God by music and afterward being pulled towards God by music as well when I changed my playlist. As Lucifer was a tool to use music, to let others worship God.
I want to use music as a tool to worship God and bring others to worship God, except for the whole becoming the devil story lol.

Music can and has played a huge role in the salvation of people, I’ve personally experienced this with my music, where someone would tell me that the reason why they gave their life to Christ was because of my song and I’ve also seen it happen with my squad too. The Holy Spirit can use your song to minister to someone’s heart, but you gotta be wise know that it needs to be delivered by the Holy Ghost. You give yourself to God first and He gives himself to the people through you. A study in the bible has shown that music has had the ability to drive out evil spirits, as in the account of King Saul and David.
So yes music can do that only by the Holy Ghost.

Holy Hip Hop Man

I think it can, depending on the message of the particular song. For an example if my music is inspired by God and the message directed by Him it will positively go were it is meant to. We have heard quite a numerous of stories about people who have done good and bad things after they got a certain influence from the music they listen to. To also add to that, some people got saved because of the music they listen to and some got stepped or killed because of the music they spent time on and so I truly believe that a person can get salvation from Jesus Christ from our music. As long we also as artist draw our inspiration from God

Yeah man music is very influential because music Is the language of the soul, so it speaks beyond our human gates, so if truth music is introduced, carrying the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, then lives will be influenced and saved.

Prince Nage
my thoughts on this are that the inspiration for Music can definitely lead a person to know Christ. a Rapper that is Christ minded is able to articulate the Love that he has for Christ, while at the same time not putting aside the flow of His message concerning his relationship with Christ, presented “swaggfully” on musical sounds that the masses are acquainted with. It makes it easier for the listener to open up to the message of the rapper. and it makes even non-Christians to begin to be bold about expressing their views on Christ. Good beats are able to kill a religious mindset and they make it easy for skeptical people to loosen up and explore Christ. #Hip Hop by nature is evangelical, whether for the light of the dark side. #Hip Hop is an artform of Declaration.

Yes Inspiration of music can lead one to salvation. Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. As long as the lyrics are Word-based, such songs will stir up faith in the hearts of people so that they see their need for the Savior. How can they believe unless there’s a preacher, and in this case, the preacher is the emcee.

Church Boyy Bizness
Dope question there by the way we believe yes in a manner as to say music wise can be a seed that leads one into soul searching for salvation cause some stories in music are like parables in a sense to give a reference to repeatable meanings to the listeners we once performed/ministered at an orphanage there was one girl who always negatively influenced but when she had us rap and sing she was drawn to the massage and the idea to serve God with his life and her talent to rap and to put the icing on the cake the well known american christian rapper KB said one colleague in college gave him a chh cd and after listing to it he gave his life to Christ , we believe that overally the music a seed and once a seed is planted it’s going to grow by the watering of the holy spirit but our job is to plant the seed and let God do the rest.


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