For those who don’t know PHREYZ, who is PHREYZ?
Phreyz is a believer in the Son of God, a creative, a recording artist, a son, a brother.

Tell us, why do you label yourself a Phreyz?
That’s just my stage name

Tell us about the project, why Of The Light?
With this project, I wanted to give listeners the reason why I do the type of music I do (with regards to the message that my songs have). I was aiming to give context as to why I shed light on Christ and His word’s principles in every record that I put out; and that was through sharing my story as I did on ‘Of The Light’

As being one of the Christian Rappers in South Africa, what are the challenges that you meet in the race?
One : trying to teach a world that wants nothing to do with the ways and applications of Christlike faith to walk in the ways and applications of Christlike faith;
Two : creating content that tries to exceed the audience’s expectations, but still be in context to who I am.

Tell us about Salt & Light, and you within it.
SaltnLight is a record label under the JFShow (Jesus Freak Show). I am a recording artist; a recording, mixing and mastering engineer there.

How long have you been in SA Christian Hip Hop?
Two years now

Where do you see yourself in five years to come?
Lol “I’ll still be right here in my spot with a little more faith than I already got; a little more grace than I already got… ”

Who are your favourite Christian rappers Globally? (optional)
Right now it’s Bizzle.
Gemstones as well.

Who are those artists you wanna work with and why?
Jenine Price, Mandisa, Blaque NuBon, Khaya, Ruslan, Kabelo Mabalane.
I’ve got no reason why; these are just talented individuals.

Is the project available online, even on hard copies?
yes this project is up for free download on audiomack and soundcloud
Hard copies are also available, but it comes together with a SaltnLight sweater.

Get the project for free HERE

Watch the video here where he explains more about the project.

What is the concept & purpose of 'Of The Light'?