Last Days Fam’s member Bonafide Bhiddo released his album Seasons last month, the album is available now on all digital music stores. We took a listen decided to share our thoughts on the album.

Seasons is the best title for this project, it is a rap diary of testimonies and reflections of Bonafide’s personal life and the world that surrounds him. He bleeds his heart on these cleverly written bars on beats that carry the 90’s tempo with the feel of early 2000 SA Hip Hop having some touched by the afro-pop vibes. Each of the 12 tracks takes us through the spiritual seasons of the warmth of summer, the bitter cold of winter, the losses of autumn, and the newness of spring.

The tracks 2, 5, and 12 seem to speak to a season of transformation, losses that come with letting go of the old hand grabbing hold of the new. The uncertainty of what shedding leaves mean in the life of the seasoned rapper. “I had too many things that have been holding me back, my negative pattern of thinking surely be slowing me…” – Alright by Bonafide Bhiddo. The 3 track speak of misleading of past false doctrines and teachings, to the new thinking of true reformation that leads to a nonconforming and unwavering belief in Christ and all He has called us to be as the church and individuals.

The bitterness that comes with the struggle of acknowledging the sad reality of heartbreak, betrayal, and unforgiveness seems to be the journey that tracks 1, 3, 4, and 7 take us through. Bonafide outlines the “failures” and disappointments he’s had in personal relationships and his struggle to find hope to trust and love again. “I want to give love I’m longing for companionship, I need to know love first divine fellowship”- Will I love again by Bonafide Bhiddo. The anxiety of the winter season seems to end with a desperate cry for Divine help in the song Can’t Live This Way; the song communicates the eagerness for change in season in his surroundings but specifically in himself, he touches on the heavy subject of the mental health of men; how the topic of vulnerability is needed to free men of the heaviness that they carry due to the fallacy that men don’t cry.

The freshness of new beginnings is highlighted in tracks 6, and 11. Truth Is shares openly how difficult it can be grabbing old of the new, like the plant that is breaking ground or the green bursting out from the dryness of winter each branch waiting to be filled with the fruitful buds and blossoms of a brighter season. Out of the anxious “Can’t Live This Way” “Truth Is” is that breath of fresh air that comes with expressive intimacy with God, the dawn of a real relationship with God without pretense. Track 11 heralds the news that true love has come. The song is heavy with hope threatening to burst in joy, the lyric is colourful and the guitar beat upbeat and springy.

You made me believe in love again, this hard heart of mine is changed, when I think about it… I am a better mess now, hopeful for the future, hopeful for a better life together…. Definition of what’s real, you’re my true love, a fine princess a queen of this heart of mine, a real treasure, a queen that is hard to find

True Love – Bonafide Bhiddo

Ripe with understanding and maturity of the gospel come tracks 9 and 10. In track 9 Bonafide ministers to all the young women who are considering or have become slay queen (in the negative context) to aspire to be more than that, to become all that God has created them to be. The broken snare of Joy almost feels intentional; echoing the sentiment of the lyric of having Joy in whatever season we may be in.

In a confused state denying what the truth says, embracing my brokenness finding it hard to move straight, give me true faith and newness in spirit, unspeakable joy and now I do pray You give it, been in the wilderness for too long, Lord I pray You call me back, there is no love or peace whenever You’re gone

Joy – Bonafide Bhiddo

If you haven’t listened to the album yet, what are you waiting for? Follow this link to listen to the album now. Share and tag us on your thoughts on the album.

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