Incense’s Songs for the Winter has been live since the 9th of June 2020. We took a listen and reviewed the four tracks that speak to the winter season. “Winter being a metaphor of a dry season that often lacks fruitfulness. The world is in winter facing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen the world go on lockdown,” – announced Incense.

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Okay, Let’s get to it!!!

Uthandolunjena, lubanzani lujulile, uthandolunjena nawe ungaz’tholela

1. Uthandolunje – Incense

The slow afro hip hop jam sharing about the love of God, love from fans, partner and the love for others, the game and learning to love oneself through Christ.

The role models in these streets are some drug addicts, confusion in these streets these kids need Jesus… I am Ray Charles to the politicking.

2. Pilgrims

The track ft Bonafide highlights the need to share truth to our communities. The first verse highlights the illness that plagues society and the second verse shares the remedy… “This side of eternity its a mess, agonising daily sin we’re wrestling to death, resting on the hope you never leave nor forsake us. Now we follow you as you lead our Saviour my Lord” – Bonafide

It’s 2020 vision, you will never see me beefing, going into the game vegan.

3. Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread seems to share the heart behind Incense music being Christ, the first verse is about how he is a light in the cold words of these streets, also how he is not into beefing but being who God has called us to be.
The second verse goes into the life of Jesus and how we came to save us.

This song is for the winter time, warm up your heart on the inside, stay put never lose your drive, tunnel vision better go hard

4. Roger Federer

The track encourages people in the game to stand firm in Christ and keep the fire burning in their heart, keep working hard to win your race.
The album was produced exclusively by HK beats and was a teaser of more music to come.

Incense also dropped a single on the 4th of July titled People You May Know, do check it out on all digital platforms under the name “Incense”

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars!!!