It has been a while since Phreyz96 dropped something for his fans to enjoy listening to. Recently though, he finally came through with a vibey jam that was accompanied by a music video.

The track is titled Audio Mural and this time Phreyz did something different with the release – he took to the streets and the socials to get people hyped up with the release and also get feedback.

We at SACHH think Phreyz is one of the most gifted rappers in the CHH space and a lot of feedback suggests the same.

There were some concerns though and a few didn’t shy away from voicing them. Concerns were that Phreyz is starting to sound more like Kendrick Lamar, a very influential and poetic voice in the Hip Hop scene. Is this done intentionally or just a coincidence that the delivery is almost identical???

The music is dope once you get over the fact that it almost sounds like Kendrick, and we recommend that you get over that quickly because there is a lot of Truth and Knowledge in the bars, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on that now would we???

Watch the video and let us know how you feel.