Last year we were blessed by his single titled “L.i.t” in which he featured his sister Mo Rapz. We are excited to announce the release of his newest single “Outta Ma Way”. We had a chat with BeE Rapz about the single and he had a lot of interesting points that we thought we have to share with the Sachh community. He shared some insights on the meaning behind the chorus and this is what he had to say about it:

“In the hook I refer “Boys” as the negative things that’ll seem to derail me from my purpose”

Explaining the track further he shared that song is inspired mainly by the drive to what one is called to do “do you and focus on yourself” as he put it. He told us that his calling is to do music, which is basically the inspiration behind him writing the song.

These following are the words he ended the chat with

” In this song I pass a bold message of telling people that anything negative or anything that will seem to stop me from achieving my goals, it should just get outta my way, get off my stage.”

Download the track and let us know what you think on our social media platforms.