CaptainRay Music signed to Play Black Records this last weekend, this is what he had to say about the achievement, “I joined the Play Black Records on the 31st of August 2017, making me part of the family consisting of the Label leader, Black Sunday, Mjusto (Marketing Assistance ) to mention a few. I am signed as an artist and as well as a marketing assistance too. This is where my music journey begins after a journey of Independence. The label has 8 Artists, all bringing a different sound and the manager of the Company, Black Sunday is busy with his Album which will debut anytime soon. He recently shot a music video which will air on one of your favorite tv channels. With that being said, look out for more music to come from, CaptainRay Music And Play Black Records”.

CaptainRay was doing sercular music before the switch to Gospel early this year. He said the truth is what persuaded him to do Gospel,
“I trust God, in all my life and I wanted to get to know Him, with Him I am stress-free and I actually don’t believe in stresses but God because he blesses. Now that I am aware of Heaven, I would appreciate the feeling I have and the lifestyle I now live to be put in writing, music and word of mouth as to get the feeling of Heaven whiles still here on earth. Hence Jesus said, where I come from you can not come. Hence God is loving I want to welcome everyone in my Home through music and through my lifestyle too. That’s the reason I do Gospel hip-hop.”

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