Nobody in the gospel music ministry quite compares to the young talented twins (Crossline) when
it comes to raping, worshiping, praising and motivating through music.

The twins decided to worship God with their unique sound of voices after God saved them so many times. The new single is them singing out of testimony. Ndumiso & Nduduzo (Crossline) were born and bred in the South Coast side of KZN called Mthwalume, they started music at the
age of 12. The drive was the passion they have for the art and also the inspiration they received from their late grandmother who was a God fearing woman.

During their high school days, they used to perform at some of the school events, community and in most different church events. They were only 15
years old when the recognition of their massive talent was recognized and also supported by the church (Zulu Congregational Church) they and their family fellowship with.

Crossline have their first offering project (EP) titled PRAISE & COMFORT. The twins had this to say about the project

We are requesting God as our Lord and Savior to come and celebrate with us the life of grace upon dust we believe that we are now living compared to where we are coming from

They also have a comforting song where they ask God for protection continuity. Crossline treats prayer as a powerful tool for all their challenges in life as it has made them who they are today. They are also motivated by their work, as well as caring for the people especially the youth of SA, who love gospel music and motivational messages translated through music.

When asked about their music goals and dreams, this was their statement

Crossline is a duo that takes their music career seriously as we believe that through the talent God gave to everyone, with the dedication they can put in, nothing will be impossible.

Further, they want to assist the youth of today in shaping their careers and never be negative about their dreams. Even though the world of entertainment and music does have challenging times, they want to bring a positive attitude to the youth and for those interested in the art to join the industry and excel beyond expectations.

In the pre-years, Crossline has been involved in entering many competitions relating to arts, media, and music. By the grace of God, they got recognition from those competitions. This was the motivation for them to pursue this career, be the blessing and the living testimony to their community, peers and those who love music.

Listen to their new single Mabizwasabele below :