On Wednesday the Exile artist Blaque Nubon released his latest single Dear Hip Hop as part of his music every Wednesday of this month continues, the song struck a chord in all who can resonate with the sense of betrayal that has come with loving and being a part of the Hip Hop culture. This led me to write my own open letter to hip hop…

Dear Hip Hop

I write this with a heavy heart. It has been years and I believe it is about time that I share with you the frustration I have been having about our relationship.

I feel like quoting Avril Lavigne’s song Complicated when I think about how superficial you have been lately, acting like everyone else you don’t even sound like you anymore. From your lyrics to your beats, everything feels like a hamster trapped in its circle, recycled titles, like yeah I’ve heard that one before. You don’t even spit your own rhymes anymore you got ghostwriters for that. What happened to rapping about real situations, about solutions that we should be implementing. Rap used to be a political tool, sharing about things we wanted to change, it used to be a dignified love letter to the young ma that caught your eye… Now it is nothing but a track that objectifies women and glorifies gang banging, promiscuity and money.

Tell me, Hip Hop, when did you become a sellout, there are more names of brands in your songs than actual sentences, you advertise more than most TV commercials. You used to be fluidic literature now we need clothing or liquor store catalogs to understand what you’re on about.

We used to be real truth speakers, I came to you to be free of sugarcoated meds now you glorify drugs like the local pharmacy. Drug pushing on a track. Hip Hop when did you get so fake? Speaking out things you ain’t ever even liked, the culture is all about gold chains and girls in skimpy clothes, you said you were being real by showing her twerking in a bikini with no filter; how about you treat her with the same respect you would treat your mother.

We used to have each other’s back, not in the hiding of criminal activity but being each other’s plugs, now you throw diss tracks and even mixtapes, where did all this hate come from?

How did we start promoting the trap houses turning them into studios, saying that you’re only inspired when you’re high? You have switched your rawness for vulgarity, your swagger for commercials and your passion for brands.

I want to ask you to change, become more you and not what is currently trending. Talk about things that actually matter to you and your hood. Respect women and men, don’t degrade their meeting to be only about lust. Don’t be lazy with your content, bleed your heart out on your tracks.

Girls you don’t have to be naked to be considered as part of the culture, remove these expectations that dancers are part-time strippers.

If we’re going to be together we need to be real and true because at the moment our relationship is complicated.

With Love

Your Significant Other

SACHH raises the flag and raises bars.