Lux Kent has finally finished his debut album! The 2-year project titled Langa is the first of a trilogy of albums named after Luxolo’s clan names, the album takes us on a journey into the artist’s mind and heart. From heartbreaks, his walk with God, and to socio-economic issues; the album is raw, impactful, transparent, and liberating. Having listened to the album over and over, I can genuinely say it’s very good. There are 4 tracks in particular that I believe will give a feel of the reality we are faced with as a generation, as they raise issues that inspire the listener to not only think but to be a voice.

The album is not only amazing because of the message behind it but one can immediately tell that hard work and dedication went into it. As you listen, you are immediately drawn in by the good quality of the production, the beats, mixing, and mastering which also displays the growth and versatility of Lux Kent as an artist. It’s also beautiful to note how the lyrics and the beats are so well synchronized that one would think they were created simultaneously. We definitely applaud and acknowledge the team that was behind making the album sound as excellent as it does; it’s refreshing to see excellence displayed in the various gifts that God has called us into. Salute!

The heart of the album is in the lyrics as they carry the message which the artist wants to convey to people. Each song has a particular message it conveys, some with a stronger message than others but all seem to take you on a journey into the artist’s soul and mind. Throughout the album, he reveals his thoughts, emotions, and his processing of the different things he’s experienced and witnessed in various stages of his life. He does this by highlighting particulars issues through storytelling and thought-provoking questions and statements. He’s bars give such vivid imagery that it will be hard for you as the listener not to relate or be sucked into the world Lux Kent sees.

The album includes features from PatFromTheSlums, Da Faith, Lilly Million, Phoebe Koeries, and Benji Kruz. Two of his previously released singles have made it to the tracklist of this album, take a listen and find out which ones.

The album seems to give us a glimpse of who is Lux Kent is but also challenges one to do a bit of self-introspection of who you are; one of my personal favourites posing this challenge is the song “Tell Me”.

Tell me, who’s got it all together? Tell me. Where do we go from here

It’s the second track in the 8 tracks long album and is titled Tell Me – it speaks to the programming of our new norm, we are as we are told to be. The narrative of who we are and who we are created to be is a narrative that the world is trying to manipulate through media, social media, shows, and even curriculum. This type of manipulation seems to be imposed on us and it is so gradual that we rarely notice it until it’s too late. The song leaves us with the rhetorical questions: “Who are we really/ are we what the world says we are?” “Do we then accept what the world says we are?” “And do we know who we are or better yet who we’re meant to be?” Like the Epistles, the rhetoric searches out of intentions and pending decisions. The second verse of the song also delves into who is it that we worship and who is it that we preach, are we the ones who are selling false hope or preaching the truth of the gospel, there are many other topics highlighted in this track but I invite you to listen and let it move and challenge you in areas you’ve been silent that needed you to speak out.

“Do all blessings come in wrapped packages, signed, sealed and delivered the way you want them? Well, I don’t know… For the gift of life should surely be treasured, I know you’re under pressure wanting to through your towel in…”

Under Pressure – Lux Kent ft Lilly Million and Phoebe Koeries

The second last song of the albums titled “Under Pressure”, was personally the hardest one to write about. The song is one of that kind of song that makes one grow silent, not because you’re speechless but because its potency makes you wanna take it all in sips. Under Pressure touches a landmine of topics ranging from femicide, unplanned pregnancy, abortion, suicide/mental pressure, fatherlessness, to domestic violence. The first verse is the hoped-for ending, it seems to retrace the steps as to how things ended the way they did. It sympathizes with all, including the child who is not to blame and shouldn’t be the reason for one to stay in a toxic situation. Also, it exposes the influence of porn on the rape culture, unravelling some of the things that have led to the gruesome rape culture we’re experiencing today. It also highlights one of the biggest issues in society today which is fatherlessness. The father figure is unseen. However, one is still being fathered by what he allows to teach him to be a man.

The addition of Lilly Million and Phoebe Koeries brings the female voice to the song which brings it to completion; as females are significantly the core message of the song and the story it tells. Lux kent has allowed transparency to be the vehicle of the gospel in a broken situation. Pointing everyone to God; who can redeem the victim and the perpetrator, the scandal of God’s love; that doesn’t ignore the sin but deals with it in love.

“Have you ever wanted someone who didn’t want you? Tell me how did that make you feel? How did you deal with the rejection? Are you strong still?”

I Want You –  Lux Kent ft Da Faith

On the lighter note, “I Want You”, is one of three tracks, which shares the journey of love, infatuation, but also rejection and the acceptance of heartbreak. Whether it be from an ex, love interest, or crush the feeling of heartbreak can leave you crushed, questioning your worth and/or ability to love. This song in particular seems to deal with the rejection of a “could have been but never was” type of situation.

Lux once again is instrumental in sharing his own experience while making it relatable for the listener, as we’ve all once experienced and overcame heartbreak in some form or another. The catchy tempo will have you dancing to this heartbreak recovery anthem. Salute to Da Faith on the hook; the vocals add sauce to this banger.

The last track perfectly summarises the album and for this one, I won’t share my thoughts but will leave you to share yours, once you have gotten hooked to the album as I have. I honestly think you will have the album on repeat for it is perfect for every mood; it will have you reflecting as thinking but will also get up and dancing as it gears our minds into Godly productivity. This debut is so good it makes us look forward to much more that’s to come from Lux Kent

We’re goin’ do it, we’re goin’ do it until we passout

Lux Kent

Lux Kent announced that Langa will be available on all music streaming platform from the 26th of June 2020. So diarise that date and let us know how do you feel about his debut album and the issues it raises. Stay tuned to SACHH as we continue to bring you the latest in all things SACHH.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.