I was the Chief of Chiefs of sinners – Gruth

Before we get into it, I just want to give you a short background on the Sanballat and Nehemiah Saga.

According to Nehemiah, when he and his escort arrived in Jerusalem, their return aroused the enmity of Sanballat and his allies. They were aggrieved that the welfare of the Jews should be fostered. When Nehemiah actually disclosed his intention of building the walls of Jerusalem they laughed him to scorn…

The song is taken from his Ep #Sully and it is about the experience Gruth had with his old church. He mentions that it got to a point where other young people were warned and told not to associate with him.

The feeling was like being in an environment where you find yourself building with one hand because you have to carry a weapon on the other

A church is supposed to be a place where people address issues or conflicts in a safe and peaceful manner, there are even scriptures for when the church finds themselves in that situation. The church has a history of failing young people and we hope to get to a point where all that is behind us. Children were loved by Jesus Christ and Christians are called to be like Christ.

The track is well produced and deserves a listen from people that are still struggling with the church or the rest of us hip hop fanatics. Gruth is here to let us in, so do keep him in your prayers and support his music.

Check out the single “Sanballat” below!! or Download/Stream/Buy on all digital platforms where you get your music.