“The whole body of work is inspired by Philippians 2:5 which states that we should have the same mind or Rather the same Attitude As Jesus Christ. Born Again With An Attitude Is Set to inspire anyone whose trying to find their way in life. I wrote This for the people in the world who are trying to find their Way back to God. (Isaiah 8:1) the message here is simple and easy for Everyone! Jesus Christ is King. My Attitude and passion Towards Taking Jesus to the Streets is pretty aggressive! So if you are looking for a message that will fish for young people you might wanna tag along!

And also not forgetting my DJ Cilly B. Who played a huge role in making sure that the music is even heard in the Clubs and secular events. He is The guy who is hosting the Whole EP”. – Holy Hip Hop Man

Tracklist bellow :

42Fame (Feat. Jack Tee)
Born Again With An Attitude
My Testimony (Feat. Hlobi & Jack Tee)
Talk to me (Feat. Jack Tee)
Bars n Church (Feat. Jack Tee)