Get your music video out there.

In December South Africans were introduced to the new channel Trace Gospel SA, a “channel exclusively dedicated to gospel music in all its forms”.

The channel has been a breath of fresh air, because of its trove of Christian urban music, it has also made us painfully aware of the lack of music videos in our SA CHH industry. This could be a result of a lack of production or a lack of submissions.

We realise that SA CHH has the opportunity to advance God’s Kingdom through our favourite art form by sharing their music videos on this platform. So if you have a music video(s) that you feel is TV-ready, please fill and submit this form here, then a viewing committee will decide if the music video will be aired on the channel.

Trace Gospel writes on their site, “Our music schedulers are always looking for fresh artists, songs and music videos “. So get out there and share, let’s raise the flag high on all platforms God has opened to us.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.