This week on In Sync we catch up with KZN CHH artist 031 Minister, we talk music, inspiration, and marriage. Let’s get to it.

Siyabonga Mbongwa known to us as 031 Minister shared that Hip hop and Rap music played a huge role in his lifestyle and musically. He was greatly influenced by the likes of Abdus and ShonG; who were underground hip hop heads based in Durban.

I guess the genre chose me because I didn’t know anyone doing this genre when I first started and the love I have in sharing the gospel makes it easier to use this culture to access more souls.

031 Minister

The Durban based CHH artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur musical style are influenced by the environment that he lived in which is the township so he uses both IsiZulu and English in his music. 031 Minister released an album title God & Art which is available on all digital music stores and physical copy. He explained that He will hopefully release two singles this year which will be more about his personal experience with the Lord and life.

031 Minister – Last Days (Official Video)

Siya has known Silindile for 12 years and been married to her for 8 of those years. He explains that finding the balance of intimacy with God, work, family and romance was hard at first; “Initially it wasn’t easy because we both had different understanding and expectations of what marriage is but as time passed we found ways that worked for us as a young couple,” explained Siya. God is a common factor to both Mr and Mrs Mbongwa, whenever faced with challenges or need guidance, they acknowledge God as their source for guidance. “She flew me on a plane to Cape Town for the first time in my life. That was enough for me to conclude that she wants to see me in higher places,” remarked Siya. New Wine by Hillsong is a song he says describes his wife and partner in raising two children, ” because she understands that she’s just a vessel bringing new wine.” They celebrated their 8th anniversary on the 27th of April, Siya added that the song that best describes their love is New Edition – Can you stand the rain.

031 Minister shared that a live performance for him is about enjoying himself and making sure that the message is conveyed through his body language and the sound has to be clear enough in order to be heard, lastly he waits for constructive feedback from his audience. He aspires to collaborate with Lux Kent and Gruth, which are artists he also listens to as he further on added,  “I listen to everyone doing CHH because we all have our own way or style to deliver the message so I would normally listen to Incense, Gruth, Lux, Zeal, Mawat….” He suggested that we be on the lookout for the guys at Salt & Light; “I believe they have great potential.”

All I can say is that unity is power, we don’t necessarily have to collaborate but working together in building this genre can yield great results

031 Minister

You can connect with 031 Minister by liking and following his Facebook page @031Minister or follow the #ministersclub. We salute the husband, father, firefighter, biker and SA CHH artist for his multifaceted ministry.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.