Get to know Adriaan Jacobs.

It is Wednesday and it’s the day you get to know your favourite South African Christian Hip Hop artists a little better in SACHH’s In SYNC interviews. This week we zone in on Adriaan Jacobs a spoken word artist, songwriter, rapper and producer based in Westbury who is 22 years old soon to be 23 on the 19th of March.

Adriaan also serves in the youth leadership team at his church. It was in church that he came in contact with Christian Hip Hop and fell in love with it, “because it is worship unto God… a way of inspiring the masses spiritually.” His musical influences include Lecrae and Beautiful Eulogy and he describes his sound as, “real, straight to the point, I try my best not to over complicate my verses so that everyone can be able to relate to them.”

Although he has been in the game for a while he released his first single GOD last year, the track has played on international radios and landed him an article in a Cameroon online magazine, and also a feature with a Cameroonian artist. He has featured in The Kings of the South tour and also in the album; he has worked with Ricwa, Keagan Holland, Young T Tshabuza and many others, his other music is found on Reverbnation and SoundCloud. He is currently working with Jhey Dot and would love to work with Blaque Nubon and Mawat. On his playlists, you will find every SA CHH artist, including Ricwa, Keagan Holland, Tshabuza, Kingsmen, Incense, Blaque Nubon, Jenuis, B-Worth, Jay Paris, to name a few.

GOD – Adriaan Jacobs

He has two projects in the pipeline, one being a rap album titled Colours that explores the theme of unity in diversity Adriaan shares that, “crayons are made using the same material but differ in appearance… together they make a beautiful portrait, the album is about diversity that despite our differences we are the same in God’s eyes,” expanding on these themes in the areas of church politics, state politics, and other social issues. The other being a Spoken word album that has a mellow vibe, spiritual and worship theme. Colours is set to be released in 5 months so be on the lookout for it here on SACHH.

Spoken Word I See – Adriaan Jacobs

In a live performance, Adriann looks for good sound quality, that the performance is led by the Spirit and for humility, catch Adriaan at his next live performance at a Prayer through at the Yuga Prayer Freeway Tabernacle, on the 20th of March 2020 from 10 pm – 5 am, and The Youth Gathering at Coronationville Methodist Church on the 27th of March 2020.

 We had a discussion about poetry and its effect on rap and Adriaan shared that the differences in a poetry performance and a CHH performance are in the preparation and delivery “ when I prepare for a poetry performance I go into a time of worship, get the word from God,  with no instrument before composition. With CHH I first listen to the instrumental and write lyrics according to the beat. In the performance of spoken word, the audience is set to listen, so there isn’t much hype. But with Christian Hip Hop people need hype and depending on the song they are more into hype than listening.” We asked him if there is a relationship between poetry and Hip Hop, he responded saying that poetry is the parent of rap and is fundamental to rap, RAP means Rhythm and Poetry, poetry produces rap, rap is melodic poetry.” He further added it is evident in its rhymes scheme that it is influenced by poetry.  What are your thoughts is there a marriage between Poetry and Christian Hip Hop.

Adriaan Jacobs believes that we should be on the lookout for all the cats on the South African Christian Hip Hop scene. He encourages them with these words, “People will not believe in you unless you believe in yourself, the only way to do so is to reflect and pray to God to guide you to understand who you are in Him once you know who you are then people who try to box you won’t have the power to because you know the power you have inside of you.”

Adriaan apart from music is deep into uplifting youth and fellow young men,  he recently shared with us about a Men’s gathering that he would be hosting along with other CHH artists and young men in ministry, the last one was a success and the next one is set to be on the 7th of March 2020, which is this Saturday.

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