In Sync Interview with Andile and Sol

You have seen their work and wondered why do they do what they do, every week we lessen that curiosity by getting in sync with one of your favourite SA CHH creatives. This week we get to know more about the online radio show presenters Sol and Andile DeMrepha.

The duo who apart from the divine mix of God, Hip Hop, and radio would have never crossed paths. Tharollo Maboke aka Sol was born in Bushbuckridge and Andile in the Thembisa, yet God’s divine plan led them from their different paths to co-hosting the CHH show on Hope Alive Radio. Sol got saved after encountering the love of Jesus when someone witnessed the gospel in a real way, something had not encountered in his hometown, but it was when his wife introduced him to Lecrae that his love for hip hop and Christ found its home. On the other hand, the rough childhood of Andile that got him caught up in the wrong crowds was met by a Damascus road when a casual encounter with a friend led to an encounter with Jesus, as he drew near to God and attended youth the influence of his youth leaders rap group – known to many as the Last Days Fam – drew him into CHH.

The duo has their separate history with Hip Hop culture all meeting the Cross and transforming the way they viewed and utilized the Hip Hop culture, Sol looks for the soul in the music and the growth of the artist whilst Andile looks for the meticulous bar formation and delivery, allowing the show to be versatile and engaging to the listener who falls in either of these categories. Having hosted many of the SA CHH artists and even the SACHH team the presenters may have had a slow start but have worked and networked to develop the show to what it is now.

Apart from the CHH show, Andile is also an aspiring CHH artist, urban fine art artist and loves to minister to the youth st schools. Sol is a happily married man to a beautiful wife, he has dabbled in hip-hop music projects but he mainly spends time with his best friend(his wife) or preaching. Sol and Andile is the unlikely duo that works and that is the wonder of the show.

Catch the CHH show every Saturday from 3 pm – 5 pm. The show features interviews, local and international CHH music, and crazy conversations of matters that concern the Christian Hip Hop culture. Follow the Hope Alive @hopealiveradio and connect with them on Instagram @andiledemrepha9 and @solprnc3. If you are an artist don’t forget to hit them up for a feature. We salute the work that they do and look forward to much more from the show and hope it will be soon accessible on national radio.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.