Every week we zone int to the heart of some of your favorite SA CHH artists. This week we get In sync with Blackleg; we discuss diversity and his musical journey.

Mpumalanga based CHH artist Blackleg chose this genre because it was the least explored genre, “there aren’t many artists who have ventured into gospel hip hop. I grew up listening to Hip Hop a lot, and I loved the way they were telling real stories through Hip hop beats, so I fell in love with that and told myself that I can do this then started telling the story of my relationship with God. Hence I chose to bring hip hop to church,” explained Blackleg. He writes music that represents God’s Kingdom; his songs are filled with accounts of his personal experiences of how God has come through every time like Dark Side – is one of his earlier released singles that you can listen to now on audiomack, Blackleg is currently working on a new project titled “The Gospel”   that is due drop later this year, “expect something that’s gonna be lit and full of praise/worship for God,” added Blackleg.

Dark Side – Blackleg

“My musical influence is God,” commented Blackleg, “I am in a ministry of letting people know the truth, to know God more and draw their strengths from Him and that with God all things are possible.”In a live performance, the young SACHH artist looks for “a connection with the crowd; if they respond well it is very encouraging. I always pray that the performance may not be mere entertainment, but that the lyrics of my songs should leave the crowd with something to think about. I also enjoy live performances in Christian gatherings, where we get down for the Lord.”  He reflected that his best performance was in 2017 at Makhosana high School on the closing function; it was his first performance and ministering to his classmates, seeing them realize the ministry within him was very humbling for him. He also dreams of performing now is the Crown Gospel Music Award, “it is the ultimate dream stage for any gospel artist in South Africa.”

On his playlist, you will find Rxch Eagle J103, Brandon Gospel, JustThabo, Solomon Spencer, Brave Dave, and Micah (Rra Jasi) who (according to Blackleg) are SA Hip Hop artists that are powerful ministers in their own right. “The message behind the dope rap beats is far greater than the beat, any genre has a beat, what sets a CHH hit apart is the content; the message to the listener that gives God the Glory,” expressed Blackleg.

Hip-Hop Gospel Lockdown(Covid 19) Cypher - Blackleg
Lockdown Cypher – Blackleg

Blackleg raps in Tsonga and English showing diversity not only on the art he creates but also in the SACHH industry. God made us with such unique qualities that display His creativity not just linguistically but this is also manifested in the unique rhythm each SACHH rapper carries deep inside of them. “Diversity in SA CHH loudly proclaims that God is not confined to certain rules and appearances; your background or ethnic origin does not define God. There is Power in the Word of God and CHH attests to that; it proclaims that you are who God says you are, no matter the race, no matter the background.” The top 3 SA Christian Artists that Blackleg would love to collaborate with are Solomon Spencer, Brave Dave, and JusThabo.

There is Power in the Word of God and CHH attests to that; it proclaims that you are who God says you are, no matter the race, no matter the background.


Blackleg suggests that we be on the lookout for him as his music ministry is about to blow. He mostly spends his time writing music and recording, so we are expecting fire from his upcoming project release. “South African Christian Hip Hop is fresh, vibey, and defy the conservative mindset of what Christianity should be like. God is not confined to certain rules and appearances. What matters is the Spirit operating inside us,” Blackleg pointed out, and further added encouragingly that “we( SACHH artists) need to love and promote each other, as we know that in the Kingdom of God we are one, let’s not tell ourselves that we are better than this one, I believe that if we work together we can win many souls through our music. That should be the main focus. Remember, there is only one Body of Christ!”

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