This week we zone into the Christian creative Brandon Gospel, currently based in Mpumalanga the SA CHH artist shared about the heart behind his music and a little bit about what made him who he is today.

Brandon Nkosizile Kunene was always influenced by Hip hop as a culture even before he was born again, like any other kid; he would rap along, eventually, he started writing his own tracks. “Then I started understanding what Christ expected from me when I was listening to “Cross Movement” and that was the beginning of CHH for me.” Other than himself Brandon’s musical influences are Propaganda, Derek Minor, KB, and Lecrae to name a few.

Sold Out – Brandon Gospels

The South African Christian Hip hop artist has released bangers such as; All I Gotta Do, New Lane, and Sold Out. He describes his style as “808 and anything you can vibe to”. He has graced television stages such as SABC 1’s Gospel Unplugged( be sure to watch out for his performance in this season current playing every Sunday at 5:30 pm) and Moja Love’s Hallelujah (which he credits as his most memorable performance), he also has dreams of gracing the ICC, the Dome, and other global stages. Brandon’s recipe for a live performance is a “dope song selection, good team, sound producer, and an awesome audience”. Brandon shared that he will be dropping an album before the end of July 2020 titled Black and Changes, “Expect good morning and new dope hits on your playlist” says Brandon. Gospel’S personal playlist includes Church Boyy Bizness(fellow record mates), Blaque Nubon, Lux Kent, Courtney Antipas, Gruth, Julz, Vimbz, and the list goes on. Brandon explained that South African Christian Hip Hop is “the truth that South Africa and the world at large needs to hear in music”. And that some of the pioneers who have contributed to what SA CHH is today are Last days Fam, Blaque Nubon & Mawat. He aspires to work with some of them namely; Blaque Nubon, Lux Kent, and Courtney Antipas.

What makes a song a hit – is giving people what they want or what they haven’t heard keeping it relevant and letting them appreciate you 

Brandon Gospel

Apart from rapping Brandon spends his time visual creating, building his business, and being around his family and friends. His visual creating space is the company Ark Art Creatives – a broadcasting and media company that seeks to change the narrative of Africa through urban, fashion, or the streets and showcasing South Africa’s taste of fabric through photography, visuals, and arts. Ark-Art Creatives has a diverse portfolio pallet, we featured a few of Brandon’s work below, but for more check out their Instagram page @arkartcreatives. Brandon’s Sold Out music video was also a product of Ark-Art Creatives.

Black and Changes will be Brandon Gospel’s debut album, expressing how he is proud to be a black man and the changes that God has been working in him, the progression and growing he is going through in Christ. “Growth is important for a CHH artist because we are representing Christ and everything about Christ represents growth & not staying stagnant. Being able to deliver mature or thoughtful messages and high-quality music. Growth (for a SA CHH artist) looks like this; spreading more of the gospel, saving more souls, inspiring young blood & more people gaining respect for the music & investing in it. Also breaking the narrative that Christianity is a boring faith & making morality a norm in our society”, says Brandon. In addition, his message to South African Christian Hip Hop artists is to; “Keep on keeping on & Let God use you.”

All I Gotta Do – Brandon Gospels ft Church Boyy Bizness

Brandon Gospel is one artist to be on the lookout for, with his debut album on the way you don’t want to be caught sleeping, so make sure to follow him on his Social media platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for updates and also stay tuned to us as we bring you all things SACHH.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.