Every week we bring you the exclusive plug into the heart and music of your favourite SA CHH artists and this week we get in sync with Brave Dave.

Cape Town-based CHH artist Brave Dave just came to the community officially earlier this year. He has already released a few singles and music videos, “I am currently grafting on new songs, that will soon hit the streaming platforms. Really amped to share what I’m busy with, it’s not just going to be a few songs, but a true hip-hop adventure,” shared Dave. His musical influences include; Braille, Beautiful Eulogy, The Collective, and Shai Linne. His music style is developing, but it is based in old-school, the ’90s, hip-hop with Christ-centered lyrics whilst keeping it real, he shared in an earlier interview that in high school, he came to know Jesus and although he enjoyed normal gospel music when he first listened to a CHH group Beautiful Eulogy he experienced the truths of Scripture like never before, from thereon he enjoyed listening, writing and developing his craft around CHH.

The Church Cypher (feat. Brave Dave, Buya The Misfit, Shuriken, Nick Whelan & Matty E)
Church Cypher – Brave Dave, Buya The Misfit, Shuriken, Nick Whelan & Matty E

 He is currently in his last year of in completing a degree in theology, and apart from that and SACHH he is a youth leader at his local church, spending time with the next generation of leaders and hopefully SACHH artists, “I also enjoy staying active be it jogging, rowing, hiking and just traveling in general. I love the nature and all it has to offer,” added Dave. David Ackerman shared that the reason behind his stage name Brave Dave is due to his belief that one has to be brave in order for them to live out their calling. “SACHH is Hip-Hop music in a specific cultural which primary goal is to worship God and preach the gospel,” explained Dave, “diverse in styles and personality yet unified in heart and sound around Jesus Christ; I believe SA CHH has a redemptive side to their music which is missing in a lot of secular music.”

I desire to make music that will glorify God and lead people to Him

Brave Dave

Brave Dave mainly listens to Last Days Fam and would also love to feature on a by them, “I can relate to their style of music and their genre of Hip-hop specifically; it feels like I can just jump into one of their songs and spit a few bars.” He commented that the beat can resonate with anyone, the content only resonates with those who can relate with it, that is wherein for a writer it gets tricky, he believes finding the balance of both greatly improves its potential to be a hit. “The time I enjoy performing the most was in break times at high school, we would go on outreaches and I would try and find any rapper in the school and just have a friendly rap session,”  to which he added that for a live performance to be a  good one, “the leading of the Holy Spirit, faith, a lot of it and meeting the people at where they are at, must be there; if they cannot feel your energy or relate to them, they won’t truly listen to what you’re saying.” Dave also aspires to perform on Sway in the morning.

Brave Dave - Commission Vision feat. Shuriken (Prod. by Sedivi)
Commission – Brave Dave ft. Shuriken

“Churches that encourage their members in their talents such as Hip-hop encourage the average Christian to go against the norm and pioneer that in their own congregation and those are the real pioneers I believe,” expressed Dave. He suggested that we be on the lookout for Buya The Misfit, “he has talent, great character and most importantly I heart burning for the Lord,” accounted Dave. The young artist seeks to bring across the message of the Bible and the works and words of Jesus Christ through the means of excellent hip-hop music he believes God has given him this talent and he wants to use it to the best of his abilities, creating music that people will not only bob their heads to but hopefully stretch their hearts and their minds to the message being conveyed.

If you haven’t made yourself familiar with his body of work then go check out his music on Youtube and Soundcloud, his bars are heavy with the truth of God’s word reflective of his style that goes beyond his years of experience, showing the new class of CHH has proper content on offer. Follow him on Instagram @thebrave_dave to keep track of his latest moves.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.