SACHH gets in sync with B’Worth Soul and delved into some deep topics that are worth the share. Songwriter and rapper Mahlubathi Mhlauli also known as B’Worth Soul shared that his stage name has a double meaning, “I’m originally from the Eastern Cape from a small town called Butterworth, so B’worth Soul actually means a soul from Butterworth. Also, soul is a slang that identifies someone as a close, very close friend, instead of saying mate, you replace it with soul. So B’worth Soul is also a reaching out to my listeners say “Be worth mates”

B’Worth Soul was introduced to Lecrae and Sevin who influenced him to pursue Christian Hip Hop and still influence his music. “I’m a conscious rapper who uses his personal experiences and knowledge of God’s word to paint a mental picture that can be visible to all,” he added. B’Worth Soul is currently working on his debut album of which the name and the release date will be revealed later this year. Listeners will surely get the full picture of what Hymn Pop Music is all about. Last year he released an EP titled Genesis, which was well received.

I have to say, to be honest with you I haven’t yet achieved what I wanted to achieve with the album because my main objective was to have people listen to it and instantly realize…this has to be the hand of God! But instead of that, people are pointing everything to my own abilities as like “yoh bro your rhymes are tight!” or “man I love the way you flow” or “you are such a very good writer”. Everything was credited to my own abilities and very little credit is given to Him. Before I wrote any of the songs or entered the studio, The Holy Spirit was the first Being to minister to me, all the inspiration came directly from Him, it just saddens me that He receives such low credit, other than that the album is doing very well

B’Worth Soul

The SA CHH artist who also graduated from Bible College last year shared about the importance of God’s Word for a Christian rapper is in that, “as Christian Rappers we are called to minister the Gospel to multitudes out there. For us to be successful in that, we need to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will. We need to find out and discover for ourselves how God operates, by so doing we are getting to know more of Him and thus our relationship with Him is strengthened. In other words, without a relationship with God, the One who sent us to minister the Gospel to multitudes, our works would be in vain because we will simply do whatsoever we please, there won’t be any guidance, rebuke or sense of direction. Before we minister to multitudes, we are first His ministers (servants).” He added that even making Christian hits that “it doesn’t matter how whack a beat can be, based on the flow, the rhyme pattern and delivery, an artist is able to draw his audience to himself. On the other hand when you have a dope beat and not so good content, flow and rhyme pattern, it’s easy to lose your audience, they would just be dancing to the beat and on the inside wishing ‘can’t he just shut up’”

Genesis -B’Worth Soul

The Eastern Cape born artist shared that is what his track King of kings featuring Nomps Nxumalo aims to achieve, by taking you through the journey of our Lord’s purpose, His crucifixion, and the victory we obtained as believers through it all. It is a summary of the Gospel presented in about four-minute. B’Worth voiced the challenges in exposure for SA CHH artists face is “when it comes to receiving mainstream airplay. These involve having to compromise your ethics, principles, and values as a Christian to a point where you have to hand out bribes to receive airplay”

One performance that was most memorable for the artist was a performance he felt he discovered a lot that he didn’t know about himself as an artist and a Christian at the same time… “This was titled a “Night of worship” at Grace House Family church where I shared the stage with ministers like Sifiso Mbatha and Khaya Sibanyoni.” B’Worth Soul also hopes to collaborate with Phlo girl, the guys from Living Legacy Movement, and the gents from Salt and Light Records. He also has aspirations of performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Apart from Christian Hip Hop the 28-year-old rapper spends time reading, reading, and more reading, and exploring and capitalising on entrepreneurial opportunities in a field in the business arena called the “base of the pyramid”. He suggested the SA CHH artist we should be on the lookout for Siz, he’s got a good way of packaging his story, with a good flow and dope rhyme pattern. His message to SA CHH artists is to “always remember why you started doing what you do, why you are still doing it and why you should still do it

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