Today we introduce you to the cat Carlos Tina who has been spitting for a few years known only by his friends and followers but the guy’s bars speak for themselves as they rep Christ unashamedly. Join us as we talk about inspiration, bars and hope.

Born and bred in Johannesburg was musically influenced by Lil’Wayne something about how he authentically just gave the world an unfiltered version of himself really triggered something in him, something that would lead him to eventually rapping about Christ. “The Faith itself made me choose this genre (Christian Hip Hop); once you’re an authentic believer, it’s all you ever wanna talk about,” expressed Carlos. Carlos was genuinely unaware that Christian Hip Hop artists and producers apart from himself and his friends existed in South Africa. And apparently visa versa but we are glad to have stumbled upon him on YouTube where you can most of his work in video format.”If I had to describe my music style, I wouldn’t be able to because it always has an element of surprise attached to it; however, a common thread in all of them would be that I like to be very deep and lyrical,” shared Carlos.

Carlos Tina - Uncaptured Bride (Official Music Video) SA Christian Hip Hop

He accounts that his best performance was at Impact For Christ Ministries, where the crowd sang his lyrics word for word. “In a live performance first and foremost the audience, I love me a wild audience!! People who won’t let my bass drops go in vain,” Carlos added humorously. He is a creative person, especially when it comes to the arts; he draws, masters music, create content for YouTube who reads avidly.

“SA Christian Hip Hop in the plain definition for me would be music that expresses the occurrences of daily life through a Christian’s perspective; so it would obviously have social issues like any other artist has, but it would be enveloped with how the faith makes one handle it,” commented Carlos. According to Carlos what makes a Christian hip hop song a hit is when the artist is being able to jump the beat with an authentic wave and simultaneously preserve the lyrical (The gospel) content at the same time. He suggested that we be on the lookout for Joris Mbaya, “personally because I’m mastering his upcoming projects and it’s hitting me even,” Carlos added.

The Faith itself made me choose this genre (Christian Hip Hop); once you’re an authentic believer, it’s all you ever wanna talk about,

Carlos Tina

He has a mixtape EP dropping end of March called “For as long as its today…” He says people can expect lekker music videos and singles coming out. In the meantime catch up on his mixtape “Little Light,” his music videos on his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram @carlostina_ct. “The best word of encouragement for Christian rap artists, if you have to pause on the music to sort your relationship with God first, don’t even think twice about it,” encourages Carlos.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.