Every Wednesday we will be publishing our interviews with one of your favourite South African Christian Hip Hop “creatives”. But this Wednesday SACHH brings you a two-part special on the life of Gruth and his love Brill in another installment of our In-Sync couples edition with Gruth and Brill

Gruth and Brill’s relationship started when Gruth hit Brill up on Facebook and switched to messaging platforms then they got to meet each other face to face in 2016 and have been dating since 2018. Brill is a foodie and if her Youtube channel is any indication her food is tops, you can follow her on Instagram for her recipe @beethe_foodie or subscribe to her channel Be The Foodie. The couple also has a youtube channel together that shares about the ups and downs of courtship in a very quirky series of activities. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @gruthandbrill and subscribe to their channel Gruth & Brill.

Gruth & Brill

How long have you been together?

Gruth: We have been together for 2 years going on 3 But we’ve known each other since 2012 (9 years)

What is the cheesiest thing your partner has done?

Brill: We celebrate Valentine’s Day; it’s not so much of Gruth’s thing but he has made it special ever since our first Valentine’s together.

Let’s talk faith, how important is including God to a relationship?

Gruth: It is vital when we surrender to make Jesus the Lord of our lives, it includes anything and everything about our lives.

What song best describes your partner?

Brill: BeReal by Gruth from Sully EP & Collide by Tiana Major9, EARTHGANG

How do you balance intimacy with God, work, family and romance?

Gruth: We don’t always have it together, One thing we do live by is the ideology of keeping the main thing the main thing.

What song best describes the love that you share?

Brill: Nelly -My place, there’s just something about the chorus that resonates with us (smiles)

What is your YouTube channel about? What inspired it?

Gruth: Our YouTube Channel is a lifestyle channel about Celebrating Black Love while we are growing together and learning healthy ways to deal with life challenges. What inspired the channel was what we’ve seen and experienced in our black communities with seeing a massive number of broken family structures, which caters a lot to how; we as young people tend to shape our narrative when it comes to romantic relationships.

What are the benefits and challenges of being a multicultural couple?

Brill: The benefits are that we get to learn each other’s cultures and languages. The challenge is a bit hilarious but we never seem to be able to translate jokes/some phrases to English for another to understand.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done together?

Gruth: The Craziest thing we’ve done together was going to Khanyi Mavi’s late-night performance while it was raining and cold (we seriously forced it but we had fun and Got a picture with her)

Which was the best anniversary/valentine/birthday that you shared, and why was it stand out for you?

Brill: An anniversary, even when we don’t do anything fancy, our anniversary is always special because it brings us back to a memory of how far along we’ve come and how we are still able to show each other grace through our imperfections.

The couple inspires young people to seek out their own paths as a couple; that as God has created all of us uniquely, no relationship is the same and we should put God first as we do in everything else to be manifest the uniqueness of your relationship. Don’t forget to subscribe to their Youtube channels and share your views on the topics they tackle. We salute Gruth and Brill and applaud them for opening the dialogue on love in the South African context. What does love or relationships mean to you? Comment and let us know.

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