In Sync Special - Part 1: Who is Gruth

Each week we get to know some of your favorite SA CHH creatives better and this week is no different as we bring you a 2 part In Sync special. Yes, this week we zone into the life of Gruth and his love and Youtube partner Brill.

Yanga Zweni known to SACHH nation as Gruth is an artist originally from Eastern Cape but is now based in Cape Town. He mostly does hip hop music but he doesn’t label himself as a CHH artist “I am gonna let the people decide when they listen to my music what do they hear? Because most people around me were listening to hip hop, reggae and RnB so eventually I ended up doing hip hop that sometimes has a feel of reggae and RnB,” elaborated Gruth. Hip Hop, RnB, and Reggae are his biggest musical influence, you can hear this from his EP Salt & Light (2016) and album Sully (2019) and his singles Transformed(2018), Sanballat (2019), and Sully (2020). He has also featured on projects by Mondzz, ChrissyT, JulzGoodMusic, and record label mate Lux Kent.

The Kingsmen - Blessings Ft. King Smasher (Official Music Video)
Blessings – Kingsmen ft. King Smasher

Gruth is a third of the group trio the Kingsmen under the record label the Living Legacy Movement; the Kingsmen have collaboratively released the single Blessings (ft. King Smasher, 2019), the Look at God EP (2017), and the 5 years – live album (2019). “I honestly don’t have a top 3 because I know so many dope Christian artists in South Africa and if it was possible I would do something similar to what Dj Kalid does on his albums but instead of having the same people I would have different people on every album,” shared Gruth, “I want to be diverse when it comes to creating music I don’t want to have a certain style of music I want to do everything and anything I find dope.” Apart from making music with the various CHH artists, his current playlists include Malko and King smasher collaboration project, Lux Kent, Blaque Nubon, Incense, Siz, 031minister, Mawat, Julz, “Yhooo – the list is long like I said there too many dope CHH artists,” added Gruth. He suggested that we be on the lookout for Malko, “the dude is dope plus he writes and records every day, so he might be dropping some dope stuff soon,” commended Gruth.

…a group of talented believers or Christians on a mission to spread the gospel through hip hop


Other than music the multi-talented artist does YouTube videos with his girlfriend Brill ( read more In Sync Couple Edition), if not that then he is creating “digital art” or studying movies.  Gruth was recently featured on the Higher Tour SA online series, where he performed tracks from his album Sully; the tour usually takes place at schools, prisons, and the Cape Town Community at large but due to COVID – 19 restrictions they have taken the tour online. “I am cooking up something also I have dropped a single titled “Am Black” (TTLAB) it’s about being black/brown and proud in a world where being black/brown is locked down on. It is a song accompanied by three interludes: the first one is about what it means being a black married woman in South Africa (by a black elderly married woman), the second is about what it means to be black (by a young black man), and the third being proud of being black in eKasi (by a young black man)”

Gruth - Sanballat (Official Music Video)
Sanballat – Gruth

SA Christian Hip Hop “is a group of talented believers or Christians on a mission to spread the gospel through hip hop,” explained Gruth. He encourages the SA CHH artists to “do you, just because you are a Christian who does hip hop that doesn’t mean you a pastor “do you” but obviously you are a Christian so whatever you create should impact people’s lives positively and also glorify God.”

 Yanga has not allowed expectations to box him in keeping with him being a creative he creates in whatever form he is inspired to at that particular time, mastering all the trades as he grows. We salute the diversity of his music and life work and know that this is just the beginning for him and his girl Brill. Follow him on Instagram @gruth_za and @vision_the_art, and on Facebook at Gruth_SA. Don’t leave our site just yet; we have a bonus In Sync (couples edition) with Gruth & Brill’s article also published today.

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