This month’s In Sync articles are dedicated to some of the people who were instrumental in bringing SACHH where it is now. This week we zone into the life of Sir Harry Fresh.

From the times he was affectionately known as Sir Harry Fresh to now when he goes by Uncle Harry or just Harold Moyo, he has been at the forefront of Christian Urban culture from her to other parts of Africa. Originally from Bulawayo, Harold studied Media and Communication thereafter studied theology at Rhema. He said in a recent interview that even his mom knew in his younger years that he would be in ministry.

Harold Moyo: Fresh Impressions founder on using his love for arts to pursue his purpose
Life By Design interview with Harold Moyo

His childhood was complex but he shared that it gave him the tools to achieve what he has achieved today. The talent & event manager, record company executive and church planter has organised urban gospel events and outreaches in most SADC nations, hosting and managing some of our favourite urban gospel artists. “Urban Missions focused on entertainment, artists development, outreach, and missions,” summarised Harold Moyo, who is also a dad and pastor of True Life Centre in Bryanston. Jesus, Art & Entertainment, Africa, and Fashion are his major influences.

Harold Moyo noted that the pioneers for CHH in the USA were “Gospel Gangstaz, Cross Movement, Tunnel Rats, Toby Mac – DJ Maj, Holy Hip Hop Series, Lecrae – Da Truth – Shai Linne – Humble Beast, DJ Wade O, Rapzilla, Ben Washer,” he further on added that for SA it was Cjay, Dj Eazy, Last Days Fam, Gregory Cassim, and himself. His contribution to Christian Hip Hop has been recognized by all SA CHH artists, Harold’s events and outreaches have played a pivotal role in bringing SACHH to where it is now. Harold highlights one performance from projects he organised, “there are many but Pompi and Da T.R.U.T.H‘s performance at PhatFest 2016 in Kyadondo stadium Uganda was special.” Holy Spirit presence, stage presence, and crowd engagement are three elements that Harold says make a good live performance.

SA CHH’s stagnant, artists want to support which they don’t give, and there is no intentionality to build,

Harold Moyo

He was planning on hosting the Freedom Fest this April but then COVID – 19 happened, he aspires to one-day host events at FNB Stadium, Madison Square Garden, 02 Arena, and Bingu National Stadium. For now, he is planning on hosting two Worship Outside events before the end of the year. But COVID hasn’t completely stilted his plans as he went online with Fresh Poetry Night, Urban Influencers Conference, and the greatest success was the We are dying Here which has been turned into a film soon to be released.

Harold Moyo - Start Now

On his local CHH playlist you will find Last Days Fam, Blaque Nubon, and the new Zeal, “what makes a CHH song a hit depends on the listener, I would go for rhymes, flow, content and beat,” shared Harold. He also suggested we be on the lookout for Zeal. Harold commented that SACHH is not getting enough exposure because there is not much solid content and consumers, “SA CHH’s stagnant, artists want to support which they don’t give, and there is no intentionality to build,” added Harold, he furthermore stressed that promotion for a SACHH artist is  very important, “but I would also warn artists to know that no matter how we push – God’s timing is always perfect.” Uncle Harry lends of by sharing a word of encouragement for SACHH artists, “stay in the word, be true to your context, you are South African and God made you that for a reason. Be authentic and not just go with the American trends.”

Follow this pioneer (@sirharoldMoyo), check out on his latest moves, and be a part of creating fresh impressions. We hope that he will not tire of doing the good work and that those who benefit from it will be saved and give God the glory. He also has a Youtube Channel so please subscribe for more motivation from the elder of Urban Gospel in SA.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.