SACHH interviews JD Crosson

It is the last Wednesday of the month and we have a double dose of In Sync interviews for you. This week get to know more about whom JD Crosson is, and the drive behind his work, through this article.

Josè Donahue is a 27 years old urban Christian artist, his music as described by him is diverse like a four-season pizza: with all kinds of elements and influences. “There are so many artists that played the part in inspiring me and influencing me in my music… I would have to say that Jason Upton and Israel Houghton really influence me… but funny enough you will not hear any of their influence in my music but yeah those are my musical influences,” shares JD on the subject of his musical influences. He grew up having a passion for urban music, RnB and soul and he believes that God uses our passions to minister, you can say the genre chose him.

JD Crosson - Good Good Daddy (Official Video)
Good Good Daddy by JD Crosson

The artists that JD Crosson would love to collaborate with is Neville D, Dr. Tumi (although he already shares a stage with him as a backing vocalist, JD would love to do a couple of songs with him) and Khaya Mthethwa. JD Crosson listens to a lot of the South African Christian Hip Hop artist ( he sends a shout out to all of them), to name a few he listens to Allan.P, Franklin and Dee’A (from Namibia), The Team RSA, Keagan Holland, Ricwa and Phlo Girl.

In a live performance JD looks out for the following 3 elements: quality of sound, how musicians communicate with one another, and how people react and how they get touched by God through the music. One of his most memorable moments at a live performance was when he was performing Click Bang (which talks about how he wants to see the lame walk), and in the audience was a woman who was crippled and he saw that she was in pain, so he stopped the track and walked up to her and told her that Jesus wants to make you well, and she instantly she became well, threw away her crutches and started running and jumping.

We sing about these things but we don’t do them

Crosson and Allan P founded 316 Urban Revival which in a sentence is an experience of the power of God’s love for us. They have already had 2 editions of the event, will be having 2 other editions soon and there are more in the pipeline.

Read more about that here. It has a mix of all kinds of Christian urban gospel music. JD Crosson explains that SA CHH, “is Christlike, it needs to be influenced by the culture of hip hop in the terms of speaking the truth and being a voice of the people, but I feel that Christ’s culture needs to be dominant but for some reason, it hasn’t been like that really… rather we took up the culture of bashing people and bashing the church, trying to spit better than your brother who raps and having a better flow… that is not what it’s about…  We should come back to where we speak about the cross, be poetic about it, express God’s heart in the right culture, but with dope beats…” according to JD one of the pioneers of SA CHH is CJ, other pioneers are either still at it or traded it for something else some still in the line of Christianity but others due to pressure have veered off the path. JD encouraged Christian urban artists to step on the shoulders of our pioneers, who knows where SA CHH will be 10 years from now.

Support one another, even if you’re not a fan of the person’s beat, quality or image but support one another in faith…. Keep on keeping on and for them not to base their success on church acceptance and open doors but base your success on lives that have been changed… And always recheck our vision and our motives on what God has called us to do.

says JD

JD Crosson shared that mostly a beat and catchy hook makes a Christian song a Hit, but in the pursuit of trying to restore and build the SACHH culture sadly people go crazy for a song when the artists just mentions the name of Jesus then automatically assume it is a Christian song, but when you listen to the context it isn’t really, for the Bazooka artist a hit is a song that draws people closer to God. JD has released 5 albums thus far: Chapters and Verses, Vertical View, We belong, In Remembrance (stripped down version), In Remembrance (deluxe version).  He also does covers of songs recently he did a cover of Ps Patrick Duncan’s My Love. When writing song JD seeks to communicate God’s heart for us and who He is (His will and His intentions), that is both relatable and powerful. Be on the lookout for more music covers, collabs, music videos and an EP from the young urban Christian music pioneer. JD Crosson suggested we be on the lookout for Allan P, the Team RSA, the Smasher, and Phlo Girl.

JD Crosson - Shots Fired (Official Video)
Shots Fired – JD Crosson

Apart from creating and performing music, Josè loves eating Indian food(anything hot really), ordering Chinese food or seafood, and spending time in God’s Word, with friends and family.

JD is hardworking and passionate about God and music, this hasn’t gone unnoticed he was recently interviewed on the Spotlight and the YoTV Big Breakfast Show, but still carries the humility of Christ. Get to experience his heart for revival on Saturday at the House of the Lord Church cnr Martin st and Hurricane st, Airfield, Benoni at 5 pm. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also subscribe to his Youtube channel. Keep up with the latest in all things SA CHH by following us on Facebook.

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