Jorimm is also a poet...

 It Wednesday and you should know by now that at SACHH it is In SYNC time with one of your favourite Christian urban artists. March is known for its celebration of poetry (the 21st of  March is World Poetry Day), so we thought of celebrating poetry month by zoning in on some poetic urban Christian artists. This week we get to know more about Jorimm and his poetic side.

Dumisani Sitambuli aka the Zim Dream Kid, known to us as Jorimm was born and raised in Zimbabwe but is now based in Durban, South Africa and is part of the group Church Boyy Bizness. He is an entrepreneur, rapper, songwriter, and poet. “I’m a man of many hats if I’m not doing Christian hip hop music, I’m writing songs for other artists, I have an urban kingdom culture online platform I established and building to spread more influence, I’m working on a street gear clothing line, I am a creative director here and there, I also serve in the media team at my local church or you can catch me hanging around with family and friends or writing poetry.”

At a live performance, Jorimm looks for intimate moments with the crowd which he refers to as family so it’s like a family reunion when he’s on the stage, joy and high energy and the move of the Spirit of God. He has had the opportunity to be on stages alone and in a group which makes it hard for him to single out one live experience that is most memorable because he cherishes all of them but to highlight two he mentioned the firstly a show  he was invited to open for who he likes to call his big brothers in-game, at that time he was still a rookie and halfway into his set he remembers the place was on fire and was given props by most of all the established artist that I looked up such as Courtney and Jbarz, etc..and secondly it was the time with CHURCH BOYY BIZNESS “when we opened up for Sho Baraka when he came here in SA meeting him alone in person was an honour sharing the stage was like a dream come true.” A few people who Jorrim believe has played a role in getting South African Christian Hip Hop where it is today are few of the many people who have played major roles behind the scenes are Last days Fam, Harold Moyo, C Jay, Gregory Cassim. Jorimm would love to collaborate with anyone from the salt and light camp, JD Crosson and the producer Odwa.

The multi-talented creative is musically inspired by Natalie Lauren Andy Mineo, Lecrae and Courtney Antipas additionally he is inspired by the South African Christian Poets Graceful and Lynda Cebekhulu.

We asked Jorimm about how poetry relates to rap, from performance to influence. Jorimm shared that culturally speaking poetry has been said to be the mother of rap so in that context the two artforms they are connected. However, he thinks it is slightly different in the context of how poetry affects Christian hip hop although there are a handful of South African Christian Hip Hop artists who are into poetry or even collaborators with some poets if we have to measure the influence of poetry on Christian Hip Hop it’s subliminal. Jorimm explained that when it comes to performing the two “the fundamentals of preparation are the same but also differ the more we go deep into the preparation of sets, for example, most of the times poets perform to an audience that already loves poetry so they know what to give to  their crowd whereas a hip hop act could be going to perform at a musical festival of a different genre so the audience will have diverse preferences which call the hip hop act to prep a set which will cater to that audience.” Although he hasn’t performed any of his poems yet this year he shared that he just might.

He also released a poetry e-book titled the 8th Chapter on his birthday the 4th of February 2020, it is his first book he wrote to celebrate life on his birthday, “inspired by my journey so far and the new chapter of my life with the new age I have entered the purpose also was to inspire, encourage and enlighten others in their journey of life.” You can get your own copy here.

And having my innocence pierced by a thorn in my flesh I became numb for so long But one day I started feeling Something, something like love Something that just wanted me with my brokenness I saw your grace kiss my wounds to healing Like ice at the surrender of a sun ray I saw the numbness of my soul melt away Into a fog that was blown away by a gentle breeze of the spirit And clearly I saw you the lover of my soul and for the first time I felt your presence

Numb – Jorimm, exerpt from his book 8th Chapter

Jorimm has always been a hip hop cat, and we have come to know he is a poet at heart. He suggested that we be on the lookout for Gruth and Brandon Gospel, “Gruth because he’s got some good energy with him it’s just a matter of time and space he will deliver something special, and Brandon Gospel, not just because his a label-mate but I have seen his growth as an artist in his craft and his new stuff (when he releases it) will confirm my stand.” Also be sure to follow him on Facebook, because he has a bag full of surprises so don’t be caught sleeping. For the South African Christian Hip Hop artists Jorimm said encouragingly, “I know the journey is not as easy for us but if we stand in faithfulness to our God he will help us do more than we can ask him and lastly let us strive for dopeness in our craft cause we can and let us walk in unity.”

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.