Today we get to know more about triple-threat creative based in the Western Cape, King Smasher. Born as Shaundeon Afrika was announced to have joined the Living legacy Movement last year but he was in the Hip Hop scene for a while and he shares with us what sets him apart or more importantly who.

I want people to come to Jesus and have a relationship with Him, I want them to know that HE is Lord, He can restore, rebuild and reshape them for what they were created for

King Smasher

“I never chose the genre, but it chose me, I’ve always loved music, I won’t say I’ve got a specific genre, because I’m versatile, but I always just loved rap music from a young age already,” explained Shaun. He grew up in the church and from a young age, his calling has been evident since he was 4 years old, “My parents would tell me I’d literally always just pray for everyone, always encourage people with the word, I’d always be singing as well, so I feel like I’ve always known that I’d give my life to Jesus and that I’d always want to push the Kingdom’s Agenda,” reminisced the artist. Shaun speaks on matters that the world doesn’t speak about, he describes his music as being honest, versatile and it can relate to anyone and everyone.

King Smasher doesn’t consider himself as a Christian Rapper nor does he tag himself as just a Rapper “I’m an artist who’s a Christian and it’s difficult being a Christian in this game because people aren’t always wanting to listen or support someone who has something to say that might correct or contradict them in any way,” he noted, “I want people to come to Jesus and have a relationship with Him, I want them to know that HE is Lord, He can restore, rebuild and reshape them for what they were created for.”

King Smasher - Don't Know About Me (Official Music Video)

Although some were made more aware of the artist last year with the release of In the Meantime EP with Malko and himself or in the previous LLM features, King Smasher has been at it for a while with his discography including 5 Mixtapes (GOD Before Music, New World Same GOD, Maturity 1 & 2 and The Synopsis) and 3 EPs (Legendary, In The Meantime and Underrated). “I’ve got a couple of projects lined up… with my producers Ezee Mimo, FaaBeats, and Chez on a Mixtape and then myself and T-45 have a project lined up for later this year,” revealed King Smasher letting us know there is more to come.

He notes that the beat has to be good in order for it to draw people’s attention, the message will just add the final sauce to the entire song, ensuring that it becomes a hit. King Smasher has been rumored to have fire stage performances he shared that his recipe for a good live performance is for people to be impacted and for them to leave with something positive, live instruments to help give the music a different dynamic and good sound. He aspires to perform at the Grammys but apart from making music, he is an actor as well, “so I do that and I’ve got a normal 9-5 job and most of my time, I spend with my family of course,” he shared.

King Smasher - Long Street (Official Music Video)

“I listen to a variety of artists such as KB, NF, Nathi, Mali Music, Tank, Darell Walls, Chandler Moore, and would like to collaborate with Limoblaze, Abel Chungu, and Dr. Tumi,” commented Shaun adding that we should be on the lookout for Lux Kent, “the dude is crazy gifted and has such an amazing heart, seriously one of the best of our time,” he added. “African Christian Hip Hop is an African Sound driven by the Good News… I think with unity we should be able to shape a great environment, but I also think we shouldn’t focus too much on wanting to shape an industry, let’s focus on pushing the good news with good music, by not trying to box ourselves,” explained the artist.

It has been a topic of which there have been many conflicting opinions but it is evident that those called to the function do not require a title to operate, “Just be honest with your music, be consistent, don’t compromise and always place GOD in front of the music and everything else Make Him the focus,” encourages Shaundeon Afrika.

Shaun has been a young man who wears Christ on his sleeves amongst people might not always know how to read the handwriting, but don’t be mislead into thinking he isn’t going hard for Christ with the Grown Men Association and other community projects he is to the vision that he and his label mates uphold to. We salute our brother as he continues in his unique calling, we hope they will finally pass him the cake as he asked in his latest music video release for Pass me the Cake. He also featured in our Squad single, but to keep up with his latest moves connect with him on his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

King Smasher - Pass Me The Cake

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.