This week on In Sync we zone into the founder of SACHH Kabelo Molelekoa known to the SACHH nation as KoolKidJenius.

Kabelo grew up hating hip hop, simply because of the Illuminati stunts and vulgarity. I remember this one time in my grade 11 class, I had peers who were hip hop lovers, they’d brag about their Lil Wayne’s, 50 Cents & so forth; to fill up the void, I started listening to Kirk Franklin, then I had something to say, I went deep in googling “Christian Rap”, I found Flame’s song Surrender, I then went deeper and found other CHH guys and gradually as I was listening I said to myself, ” I can do this” and I did it… soon after that I released my first track.” KoolKidJenius has since released his debut album Smart Boy which you can find in all digital music platforms. He aspires to collaborate with JD Crosson, BlaqueNubon, and KingDmusic. He shared that his music is hip hop after God’s heart, with his musical influences being KB, Flame, Bizzle, and BlaqueNubon. In November he will be releasing an album, with a taste of new school, old school, and Afrobeat with beautiful features. Be sure to look out for that on his social media platforms @koolkidjenius and right here the home of all things SA CHH.

Jenius is creative, and those who know will attest to the determination he has to create platforms for the Gospel. Apart from rapping, he is busy with making Nurd Media great. The company involves Radio, Photography, Graphic Designs, and making progress on having NEWS GATHERING & TV. “On my first release, I had to struggle in finding promotional platforms except for Rapzilla and Retunes who didn’t really look into my work. So I thought of starting my own (SACHH) that’ll benefit us. It was when I was thinking of my purpose, and then media came to my senses, I then thought of Nurd which is pronounced as Nerd, which is the name the Geniuses are being categorized as; so in other words, it’s Genius/Jenius Media.” He is seen working and collaborating with all Christian media people from different places and segments, in SACHH he has partnered with Co3 Group and Nurd Radio he has featured a podcast by Jorimm (from Church Boyy Bizness) and recently secured DJ I Rock Jesus’ podcast.

To be a podcaster on NurdRadio, you need to comply with the station’s terms, that is you play gospel music (hip-hop, jazz, etc). NurdRadio is a youth station with good godly youth vibes.


Jenius reflected that his best performance was in Benoni, 2017 “when I performed alongside JD Crosson, Phlo-Girl, Ricwa, Mercy, Z_Lus The Zeal, Salt ‘n Light, Adoniz, The Followers, MDee and other amazing SA CHH artists.” KoolKidJenuis aspires to perform at the Dove Awards.

“In 2017, we said we are coming up, 2018 & 2019 we said the same thing, now I think it’s the time that we make it happen and start working together. We not there yet, so to be there, we need to work together,” Kabelo shared encouragingly.  He credited the pioneers of SA CHH were Mawat, BlaqueNubon, and Last Days Fam; “SA CHH a sub-genre of hip hop here in SA, I think we doing a good job on getting there, we just need lil’ kick,” added Jenius. He suggested that we look out for Allan.P and that he listens to everyone but his top 3 SA CHH artists he listens to are Church Boyy Bizness, BlaqueNubon, and JustSolidMuzik.

I first listen to the vibe, which is the beat, then I go for content, if they are both good, I verify them as hits.


Kabelo also serves at his local church and is passionate about reaching out to the youth. He has shown great enthusiasm for sharing the gospel in music all people can relate and jam to. It is refreshing to see young people not sleeping on their God-given purpose, we expect great things from our founder and we hope that his words of encouragement don’t fall on deaf ears, we need to come together and work at advancing God’s Kingdom through our shared talents. Tune in to Nurd Radio which you can find on Fam Cast Radio App or stream via their online platform. Be sure to like, follow, and share his social media pages and keep it locked on SACHH as we will bring you the exclusive of his next album.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars!!!