In Sync Two Part Special: Part 2

It’s the beginning of a new month but the theme of pioneers carries on with today’s In sync with Last Days Fam. This Movember we celebrate the shine the light only on male CHH rappers, so today we zone into the heavyweight triad….

Every performance has been memorable for LDF, “but I think one of the most significant times for Last Days Fam when the guys were performing in Tanzania. And I remember watching the video and seeing so many people there just being taken up by the music and the guys enjoying themselves. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t performing, but man, that there for me when I saw that, I was like, wow, you know, this is it; this is what we live for,” remarked Baggz, “Cause I remember we felt like we superstars and then it was like, everybody wanted a piece of us. Cause I remember we had like a printed out the Official Streets album, and giving them out for free and people were fighting for those copies. And we had to have security step in to protect us” witnessed Bonafide who also skipped work to perform in the competition that won them the opportunity to represent SA in the international BConnected Festival in Dar esSalaam in Tanzania.

Three Lessons on being a Christian Rapper: Basically be a man of your word,number one. Talent alone will never, ever, ever be enough. You know, talent has got to be attached to a strong work ethic. And number three, do not expect any favors, yeah, the world doesn’t really owe you much.


LDF noted that for a live performance the mic must be good, the speakers must be good and the technician must be excellent, Baggz explained: “it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as the sound system is good,” furthermore Bonafide added, “and obviously you want to connect with the people; what I realized and what I’ve learned throughout the years is that sometimes the world brings so many things to us. So sometimes you find yourself being at the corner where you want to kind of succumb to the pressures of this world and maybe want to dumb down your style so that people can be like, Oh, you know what, they can mess with what you’re doing. Like, I think what I’ve learned is that it’s important just to stay true to your values, and do you, you know, cause at the end of the day as an artist, like you don’t want people to influence your art, but you want to influence people with what God has given you inside. So this is what is important; to know who you are, also stay true to yourself, and not allow people to steer you the other way. It’s important when you give a performance let what you’re giving people, let it be a piece of yourself, that’s always important.”

Last Days Fam at BCONNECTED Festical Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
Last Days Fam BConnected Festival Performance

LDF has performed on diverse stages even places where usually the Christian message is not welcomed, that is the power of CHH to witness in places where Christianity may be shunned and advancing the Kingdom of God. They pointed out that it is a disservice to not promote your work as CHH artist because the very purpose of Christian Hip Hop is to bear witness, Landmarq expressed regret at times in which they didn’t promote their work, recounting the moment when they finally shared the video with the producer of LiveAmp, “We were there with the producer of Live Amp, the guy who was responsible for putting videos on and we had this one, I can’t remember which one of these, so I get to him, share that this is who we are, this is what we’ve done and these are the awards that we’ve received. At that time, I was telling him about a video that we shot over a year ago, and it was only now that I was getting the boldness to go take it to him because of the recognition we were getting. He looks at the video and he looked at me and he’s like, you have been sleeping on this man. And here I was thinking that nobody would understand what we were doing, or that the world, the carnal, unconverted and sinful world will try a product of ours. And he, this guy said I should have done more, you know, appointed a PR company plus publicity in our plan. I’ve got enough evidence and enough points in my life where I realized I wasn’t, we weren’t doing enough,” accounted Landmarq.

I think what I’ve learned is that it’s important just to stay true to your values, and do you, you know, cause at the end of the day as an artist, like you don’t want people to influence your art, but you want to influence people with what God has given you inside.


“The work never stops just because there is no platform to share, the work does not mean you should stop perfecting the craft, working hard, and being prepared. It’s one of the greatest lessons of encouragement I can give anybody, sometimes you, you might think, Oh yeah, I’m doing this and nobody really cares, or nobody really sees what I’m doing, but you know, when the opportunity arises you should be prepared. And if there’s an opportunity that arises and you don’t rise to the occasion because you have failed to prepare. You cannot blame anyone. Right? So, there’s an honour and there’s a value in continuing to work without being seen because a lot of us want to work and be seen immediately or work and be recognized immediately or toil and be recognized and rewarded immediately, but at times, God is quite, I think, I don’t want to speak for, for God. You know, sometimes God does not give us platforms because we are just not prepared. He just doesn’t give us the opportunities to be seen because He realises that if I give this to you now, you’re going to make a blunder, you’re not even preparing but you say, you want this. You say you want to change the world, but you’re not doing any work to prepare yourself to do this thing, you know, do not forsake preparation and do not think that. Yes, because there’s no opportunity right now doesn’t mean that opportunity will never avail itself or that God will not give you that opportunity sometimes in the interim, the stage is being prepared for you. So don’t shun working in silence, working behind closed doors.” encouraged Landmarq.

The Last Days FAM is still going hard for Christ in Hip Hop, they have released solo projects but that is by no means indications of them disbanding. So please show your support for Seasons (album) by Bonafide Bhiddo and Seven Deadly Sins Trilogy Volume 1: Envy & Avarice (Mixtape) by Landmarq, who also released a single “Something Missing.” They also hinted at an LDF single but it might come out later. Follow them on Facebook and be a part of the Facebook LDF group. We salute the crew and hope that they will continue to impart their rich knowledge on the SACHH nation.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.