SACHH interviews Lux Kent - a South African Christian Rapper and founder of Living Legacy Movement. SACHH zoning in on Christian Hip Hop artists in Mzansi

We have listened to their music and some of us have even got to see them perform live; now get to know them personally. Every Wednesday we will be publishing our interviews with one of your favourite South African Christian Hip Hop “creatives”.  Get to know why SA CHH artists do what they do and how they are using this platform to advance God’s kingdom.  Today we zoom in on the life of Lux Kent.

26 years old rapper Luxolo Kentane, was born in the Eastern Cape. His passion for reaching the culture led him and his friends into creating content that is biblically sound yet relatable.  At 17 he founded the Living Legacy Movement – a collective of thinkers, creatives and dreamers who aim to influence and inspire. Although the EP Blessed 2BA Blessing was released 6 years ago, his music and life’s work seemingly carry the same theme today(while there has been notable musical maturity), evidently when we asked Lux why he got into Christian Hip Hop, his response was that it’s because of the impact he knew CHH to have due to it having impacted him thereby this “hip hop infused with truth, and infused with a sense of love for Jesus and a love for what He wants to do” influenced him to do what he does presently.

His passion goes beyond his 2 additional EPs (Past 12 -2014 and Resilient – 2017) and his latest single which he released on his birthday last year (Phul’Intliziyo ft Benji Kruz). We can clearly see that for Luxolo this art form is his ministry it is further manifested in the 5 pillars of Living Legacy Movement; one of them being “Old truths told in creative ways”, Lux explained that the phrase means making the gospel come alive and the bible (what they believe of the bible and what the bible is) come alive in a creative manner.

For Lux Kent these pillars are not just inspiring concepts but he applies them to his music too. His lyrical content is hard-hitting biblical truth and his musical influence is pretty much everything, in his own words Lux shares that “I don’t have one specific kind of musical influence, I listen to a lot of influences; I listen to a lot of rap music, I listen to a lot of RnB music, I listen to a lot of house music, I listen to a lot of Gospel music… everything inspires me… but one artist that I really like is a rapper called Proverb”. Furthermore, Lux describes the style of his music to be anthems (“overcomer” anthems), so he tries to create anthems for all the different phases of life that people would want to listen to (Luxolo admits another reason is because he struggles to wake up in the morning and sometimes what makes him wake up is knowing he can listen to his favourite song). If you have seen any of his live performances (watch Lux Kent’s live performance) you’ll know that Lux is a collaborator and creative in how he shares the message of Christ, you should know to expect good sound, unity among fellow performers and some “Accapella rap”.

Lux Kent also forms part of the rap trio Kingsmen alongside Gruth and Malko. We asked Lux which South African Christian Hip Hop artist should we look out for, and he suggested that we look out for Malko; “…he is one of the guys who I think will be releasing some cool and phenomenal stuff this year”, says Lux. We put him on the spot and asked him who of the SA CHH artists would he love to collaborate with, he shared that hadn’t really thought of that before but carried on to say he would like to work with Blaque Nubon, Last Days Fam, Allan PJD Crosson, etc, to name a few. He added that there are so many guys doing some phenomenal stuff out there.

Lux informed us that he has a new project which is still in the pipeline, he didn’t give too much away but he hinted that it is about some personal stuff and that it is very different from his previous project.  Stay plugged into SACHH for more details about this project. 

 The South African Christian rapper believes strongly in raising leaders and he has a zeal that hasn’t waned since the inception of the Living Legacy Movement, which has been noticed among the South African Christian Hip Hop community with much respect. When asked for words of encouragement to South African Christian Hip Hop artists, this is what Lux Kent had to say, “….be plugged into your local church, and serve your local church as much as you can. Work harder than any other artist you know, work hard and study the music business; work hard on your craft, work hard in marketing – do shows. Work harder than any other artist you know.  Create a community around what you are doing as an artist, don’t do it alone, connect with other people, if you don’t have people with you, you create your own community with your friends or with your lady… “

You can find Lux Kent’s music on Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, and Youtube. Visit the Living Legacy Movement’s website or Facebook pages to find out more about their latest projects. Connect with Lux Kent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We look forward to seeing what else Lux Kent has in store for this year, be sure to follow us as we will be sharing it with you, our loyal readers and homies. Keep up with the latest South African Christian Hip Hop news and projects by subscribing to SACHH and following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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