Every week we look into the hearts and lives of one of your favourite urban Christian creatives, this week we get in sync with Lynda Cebekhulu.
Linda Cebekhulu is known for his spoken word but he also raps, although it’s not something that is the main passion but Lynda shares about rap, spoken word and where they all meet.

Rap is rhythm and poetry, and spoken word is simply poetry without rhythm…

Lynda Cebekhulu

He started writing when he was in primary school, it was sort of like a diary yet being intentional with what he was feeling, there was something at school that had to showcase creativity and he recited a poem he wrote and realised then he was good at it. “I eventually got pulled into it and there was this Mix it app group I joined called Poetry Club and I would share my work there.” From primary school stages to PIA JHB 2018 tour stage, Lynda is grown in his God-given talent that when he’s on stage it is hard to believe that he is as shy as he says he is. “the first thing I look for in a live performance is the presence of God because I am shy and don’t like being centre of attention but the presence gives me the confidence to stand in front of people,” shared Lynda, adding that interaction and stage presence are his recipes for a good live performance. “I have had so many awesome moments when the Holy Spirit totally took over, the reason why I am mentioning this one is due to the scale, and that is the PIA 2018. I met up with the guys from PIA and we even prayed together, it was the most memorable because the poem I performed was well received they even gave me a standing ovation.”

“Content, content, content is what makes a CHH song a hit,” commented Lynda, “it’s a turn off to hear someone rapping about themselves or not inspiring stuff, someone said that what you listen to is what you give your thoughts to, I would prefer to listen to someone with a whack beat but have dope content than someone with a dope beat and whack content.” On Lynda’s playlist, the SA CHH artists you will find are Siz, Blaque Nubon, Courtney Antipas, Chruch Boy Bizness, Keagan Holland, Z_Lus the Zeal, Summary, Novl., Jabulani Majola and everyone else who is making SA CHH music. “Rap is rhythm and poetry, and spoken word is simply poetry without rhythm, the beat can sometimes take away from the words whereas spoken word is all about the words,” explained Lynda. Therein lies the connection and differentiation; Lynda noted evidently in performance “Attention differs from hip-hop and poetry; in poetry, people are forced to listen to what you have to say, yet with Hip Hop, the attention is divided between the beat and the lyrics, sometimes the artist could be a dancer on stage. Person’s flow can take a lot away from what the rapper is tryna say.”

Freestyle by Lynda

The marriage between rap and spoken word is almost unbreakable so why did Lynda choose spoken word over rap? “It’s one thing to be good at things it’s another to called to something, I feel God has called me to spoken word and that it is more feasible. I still rap but I haven’t done that in a while but I am open for anyone to send me a beat. There was a cypher that was supposed to happen a few years ago but it ended up not happening… I wrote something for the beat and its available on my YouTube channel.” Lynda’s spoken word ministry has not only led him to share a stage with international acts but also birthed the tour WBTL, Words Brought To Life tour was conceptualised in late 2018, the Holy Spirit gave Lynda this idea of doing a series of events, I had a problem with having a one-off show. People were asking if we can have a poetry event and I felt that if we’re going to do something let it be continuous. WBTL is as the name of the tour describes; we are prone to remember a lot of negative things that have been spewed in the past and this affects us negatively, so we want words that bring life as the bible says let those words be brought to life, words that point to Christ. Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt… – Colossians 4:6a”

Earth is Art _ Lynda Cebekhulu

Lynda shared that the local poets that influence him include the WBTL poets (Cris-Iwrote, Rembu Nemutavhanani, Africa Belle Mpilo and Loud Ink Dlamini), Syd, Siphokazi Jonas, Neo and Obed. His style is narrative, Lynda loves telling stories through his work and this year he is working on visualizing that as he works with a friend from church to curate visual content. He would like to collaborate with Syd “ actually we are working on doing something together”, I would like to do this thing with worship and spoken word, where we perform with the band – we currently do that church- and I would like to do something like that with Dr Tumi, and as far as rap goes he would like to collaborate with Siz.

Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.

Colossians 4:6

Lynda Cebekhulu one of the most laid back yet dedicated Christian artists that genuinely love to share the Gospel. He suggests we look out for these upcoming Christian arts, @Noel_M.I.O, Grant Stuart and Jabulani Majola. He encourages SA Christian artists to “grow more in their knowledge of who God is so that they don’t base their knowledge in what they do.” Follow Him on social media platforms @Lynda_Cebekhulu and subscribe to his YouTube channel to catch the latest of his visual content.

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