Every week we get In Sync with one of your favourite Christian creatives, we find out who they are and what drives them. This week we zone into the life and heart of SA CHH artist Mdee.

Delphin Madondo who is known to us as Mdee is from Daveyton, Gauteng was roped into Christian HipHop by the influences of his elder brother Terry J and late brother Delton. Terry J is not only someone Mdee looks up to but they are business partners in their record label and production business Christ Before Me which has produced most of Mdee’s music and music videos, including 1 album (Heart of worship in 2018),1 Mixtape (Reconcile in 2015) and 1 EP (Spirit vs Flesh in 2017.) Mdee added that his musical influence is Sevin.

The process of making Heart Of Worship Album

 Mdee mentions that pursues lyrical content in his music and that the people he listens to are lyricist such as Siz. Mdee aspires to collaborate with LastdayzFam, Blaque Nubon, Siz and Terry J. the Daveyton CHH artists explained that what determines if a CHH song will be a hit is the content, “what we write might come from experience influenced by God, someone’s story, your thoughts, how you feel but since it’s CHH- we all know the drift here- let’s preach the gospel and make it relevant to the type of situations we normally go through as humans, and how you deliver; the style and the attitude also has an impact on the listener not to skipping your song.” Mdee is currently working on a 20 songs packed mixtape; “the main focus here is teachings of the Gospel and it also offers solutions to our problems in the society. The style is friendly to both youth and adults.” Be sure to follow him on all his social media platforms @Mdeecbm to keep up with the latest updates on the mixtape set to be released on the 19th of July.

SA CHH is the Gospel taken to the streets; preached to people like me – since not everyone relates to traditional gospel


Mdee is not only an artist, he believes strongly in the calling to this genre and the purpose of this art form. Apart from being behind the microphone, he runs an NPO called Dream Foundation which is involved in mentoring young boys and girls to be better people tomorrow, and also a student as well as founder of Christ Before Me as a manager to artists under the movement. The laid back Christ driven artist shared that his best performance was June 16, 2019, @Hamba Vangeli Ministry in Daveyton and the biggest stage he aspires to be on at the moment is in all Carwashes and busy corners of Gauteng.

I Wont Lose x BlessingChristing
I won’t Lose – Mdee ft. Blessing Christing

He credits LastdayzFam, the Grid, and even SACHH for playing a parting in pioneering SA CHH to be what it is today. He suggested that we be on the lookout for a long list of guys who have been faithful to what God has called them to do; this includes Mcola, Blessing Christing, Justhabo, Neo Rable, Siz and Living Legacy to name a few. Lastly, Mdee had these words of encouragement to SA CHH artists, “it’s not about the music but the Gospel, we should not only be good rappers but also good gospel preachers, I am not referring to how pastors and Bishops do it but how God has gifted you that’s how you should share the gospel. Let’s all try to perform outdoors in public spaces to the people who need the gospel,  churches know Genesis to Revelation not all of them have an interest in CHH and not all of them will invite you and pay you so to avoid disappointment do what’s right but respect your church. Let’s unite come up with campaigns to protect our communities and let’s pray for our people. If you are doing CHH and you are planning how you will use the profits from your music and bookings sorry man you must reconsider just chill a bit and talk to yourself until you reach a conclusion of your decision. We are all in a mission to preach the gospel the rest shall follow after seeking His (God) kingdom. I love you all”

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.