The InSync femcee special continues; this week we zone into the creative that is Melisa Sibaya also known as MelisaGotGrace.

Soweto born Christian rapper/singer, MelisaGotGrace has an extraordinary way of fusing rhymes and melodies to spread the gospel. An avid Hip Hop music lover from a young age, the rapper/singer brings a fresh vibe to the Christian Hip Hop scene.  

Always Good – MelisaGotGrace ft. Q7

Her love for God and life’s experiences have all shaped her from making music that permeates darkness and brings hope. “As a secular artist, I always leaned more towards writing more conscious lyrics, but I just couldn’t help but shake off the feeling that as much as I was making music with meaning, there was something missing in my message. I soon realized that God has called me to do more than just touch on social issues, but also to be the light in a world full of darkness and win souls for the Kingdom.”

Melisa grew up listening to a lot of Lauryn Hill, and looking back she realised that she was truly inspired by Lauryn to pursue being the blended artist (rapper/singer) that she is today. With a passion for songwriting running through her veins from an early age, Melisa strives to win the lost at any cost through lyrics that are both truthful, and thought-provoking She defines her music style as genre-defying, a boundary-breaking fusion of raps and melodies. Heesun Lee, Madison Hughes, Wande, TNeek, and Aisha Marie are among Melisa’s favourite CHH female artists, she added that we should look out for is Zinzi Khanish, “she is another insanely dope female CHH artist on the way up.”

SA Christian hip hop in general is a subgenre of hip hop music characterized by a Christian worldview, with the purposes of evangelisation, edifying some members of the church and/or simply entertaining.


Melisa remarked that some of the challenges she’s faced as a female CHH artist are “a lack of a sense of unity and support from some of my brothers in CHH and industry gatekeeping; I had previously thought that these challenges were unique to the secular market, however, I’ve been shocked and disappointed to have experienced them on my path as a CHH artist too. With that being said I pray that we all remember that we are this is for God’s glory alone, to spread the Gospel and show the love of Christ. #Ministryoverindustry”

Conqueror – MelisaGotGrace

She is on a global mission to put her country on the map. “So, performing at The Cape Town international Gospel Festival and the Dove GMA Awards would be epic,” expressed the South African femcee. She detailed that for a good live performance her recipe is” technical soundness, human connection, and the presence of God and the Holy Ghost.” She shared with us that her best performance thus far was when she performed at the Elevation Rooftop Lounge, “I got to open up for Monique Bingham,” said Melisa.

Melisa Sibaya a woman on the move, is an entrepreneur, founder of Seek First films, a professional voiceover artist, and a SA CHH femcee. She plays an emerging character “Love Bite” on Rythym city, has done voiceover gigs for multiple ads and educational material, and she is currently working on a powerful documentary about Femcees with local and international Sisters in Christian Hip Hop. She is also a wife and mother, how she is all that in perfect synergy and presence is amazing. Her hard work and dedication echo her mission of global proportions. She has released two official singles this year (Always Good ft Q7 and Conqueror), available now on all digital music platforms. She also let us know that she is busy cooking projects that she will be releasing soon, so follow her on social media platforms using the handle @melisagotgrace.

We are yet to see more of MelisaGotGrace so don’t be found sleeping on this inspirational local SACHH femcee. “If God has placed It in your heart to be an artist, know that even if you don’t sell out stadiums or fill up Domes you still have a greater purpose to spread the gospel, show love, and win souls. And that alone is more valuable than any material success you can acquire in this world. You are not of the world, remember that,” encouraged Melisa.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.