With August being national women’s month SACHH has dedicated this month’s In Sync Wednesdays to the queens of South African Christian Hip Hop. We end this month with zoning a retired SACHH femcee heavyweight Nonny Mino.

Won't give up - Nonny Mino
Won’t Give Up – Nonny Mino

Nonhlanhla Tshabalala known to many as Nonny Mino is a SA CHH Artist & Song Writer, she has released singles featuring some of the artists you know such as Reason and is known for her hit single Won’t Give up, she has even had the opportunity to open for Lecrae and the rest of the 116 clique when they were touring SA. The femcee has since taken a break from SACHH having retired and is currently working in telecoms, but she doesn’t rule out the possibility of her returning to the game. Nonny shared that her relationship with God made her choose this genre adding that “it’s the only authentic writing I can do.” Her musical Influences are Jazz, 90’s rap, R&B and she described her style to being soulful, Christian, and healing.  Nonny commented that SA CHH is an alternative, younger musical form of worshipping God; she also suggested that we be on the lookout for Kings of the South.

“Content is critical but it gets delivered in the context of a beat… people will switch off if amazing content is on a bad beat,” shared on what made a CHH song a hit. “Being a Christian rapper, in general, is hard because the art form is still developing, therefore one can’t really make a living out of it right now,” Nonny pointed out, it is always a tragedy to see our brothers and sisters not receive support from us. The least we can do is buy an album and gift t to the youth of our congregation, challenge them to do dance and dramas to it so as to share the Gospel in a way they can relate. Invite the artist’s to your conferences and give towards their ministry, not in saying we should give ridiculous amounts but just to help them as they advance the Kingdom of God. And I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop pirating their music, just stop!!

Dumela Fela – Nonny Mino

Nonny Mino added these words to encourage the SA CHH artists, “keep Jesus the center of your content, otherwise, it’s not gospel. Diversify, or find good support structures (especially financially) then you will have room to grow. Don’t give up.” Nonny Mino has left a void in the SACHH nation that pines for her reemergence, we hope that this retirement is just a break and she will return to the art form with her blazing bars of hope.

116 World Tour – Rhema Church, JHB

SACHH is proud of our talented sisters in Christ, we hope that these articles didn’t merely celebrate female artists but created an awareness that they are here and making major moves. Let us support our first ladies of SA CHH, as they take up their place in SA CHH nation as daughters of the Highest King.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.