This month’s In Sync articles are dedicated to some of the people who were instrumental in bringing SACHH where it is now. You may have seen his name on the credits of one of the best local soapies or on the local gospel charts Ricardo Klaasen known as Ricwa shares his musical journey with us in this week In Sync.

Ricwa shared with that at school he wasn’t much of an academic; his passion was for poetry, music, and not much else. Once he got his hands on his first copy of Tupac’s album “All Eyez on me” he began exploring his artistic side more and expressing himself in rhyme. Ricwa has been on the Hip Hop scene for over a decade, he started doing secular Hip Hop but after he gave his life to Christ in 2012 he has been going hard for christ ever since. He has released two mixtapes ( I’m at Peace, Testimony) and an EP (Wisdom) he has released singles that feature artists from different genres from JD Crosson to Kabomo Ricwa has featured many artists in his body of work. The most recent and notable collaboration of Ricwa was Kings of the South that predominantly featured Ricwa and Keagan Holland, but also had Phlo- Girl, JD Crosson, Adriaan Jacobs, even our founder Kid Cool Jenius to name a few. KOTS launched into a tour around SA and has many still reeling at the sound of Church Girl and Elohim.

Wisdom EP Tour Highlights

Ricwa’s musical influences include Lionel Richie, for Kings and Country, and Andy Mineo, his musical style is reminiscent of two things; firstly his community and secondly his testimony, “it’s funky cool, Ek sê,” he added. He has a passion to reach out to his community and this is not just limited to music as he spends most of his time also directing and editing Tv dramas. he has invested himself in bringing others along with him in all the opportunities he has been given.

“3 years ago in Greens Park, it’s close to Fochvile. We always have sell-out shows on that side and the people know my lyrics word for word; all that is needed from me to do is stand on the stage and people will be vibing to my music,” reminisced Ricwa, adding that the elements that make a good live performance are that the lyrics must be clear, high energy, and the cinematography must be on point(the look and feel of the stage). He has pioneered a culture of touring SA as a Christian Hip Hop artist although it is a norm his persistence has led to others emulating the same dedication to the promotion or in better terms advancement of the music ministry. He has done tours for almost all of his projects the biggest being the KOTS tour.

The beat gets me moving and the content builds me.


Ricwa’s attitude to collaboration is one we need to see more often, that in the end, it’s not about money, cars, and fame but about the gospel. “I can’t really say hey but  Cjay, Danny V, and Mr. Harold played an important part in bringing SA CHH where it is right now,” noted Ricwa. He shared that SA CHH is not getting enough exposure; “as an independent artist with Jesus’ name on every song makes it hard for radio stations to accept our music,” he explained, and “most Churches don’t take us seriously and some Christians don’t value our music.” In noting this Ricwa shared that due to the many commitments he has been unable to work on anything new “to be honest I don’t have time and am not feeling inspired pls pray for me…” God Will Make Away (with Keagan Holland ft Will) is a recent single you can go ahead and listen to in the meantime(available on all digital music platforms).

Brighter Days – Ricwa ft. Mosa and Will

Most of Ricwa’s music is available on hard disks and a few on SoundCloud, Reverbnation, and Apple Music. On his Youtube channel, you will also find some other videos he has featured one and others even directed. “SA is a very diverse country so being different will help you stand out. We don’t need more wanna be American rappers. Do music that connects with your hood.” encourages Ricwa, ” you will only start seeing results once you start financially and spiritually investing in your music, don’t take short cuts too, and take yourself seriously.” follow Ricwa on all social media platforms @ricwa and share what is your favorite song by him thus far.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.