We have listened to their music and some of us have even got to see them perform live; now get to know them personally. Every Wednesday we will be publishing our interviews with one of your favourite South African Christian Hip Hop “creatives”.  Get to know why SA CHH artists do what they do and how they are using this platform to advance God’s kingdom. Today we zoom into the world of The Followers.

The South African Christian Hip Hop duo The Followers is made of Baldwin and Bunofic Breed. They have been making music together for 4 years and counting. They have released 2 EPs Light Effect, Double Play and a playlist under one title Sandbox. They have also released 15 singles available here. In a recent performance at the 316 Urban Revival, the duo shared that they almost split up 2 years ago, so they wrote some bars to one another and through that and God’s guidance chose to stay together, they reworked the bars and Roxy to the track and produced the track “You Matter” which was released earlier this year. The performance brought to play the 3 elements of what they look for in a live performance; namely “crowd interaction, authenticity and the story behind the song (short and sweet though not a whole sermon).”

Behind the name – It was the first thing we agreed on without even arguing, which we often do (in a loving brotherly manner though), which proved that although we have our differences, we are connected by one Spirit that leads and directs us.

The Followers

KZN born Joshua Manqele known to the SACHH nation as Bunofic Breed is also a team leader at 3D Academy (an academy that specialises in a gap year program for young people training and equipping them with leadership and life skills, all of which are based on biblical principles). Bunofic Breed loves running and cycling so much so he ran in the Soweto Marathon 2019. He is passionate about God, apologetics, people, the Church, music, sports and cars (mainly mustangs). His South African Christian Hip Hop artist didn’t start off as a Hip Hop fan “but through playing around with words, and surrounding myself with people who were involved in rap, so my journey began,” shared Joshua.

His musical influences include Aha, Whatuprg, Andy Mineo, Derek Minor and Will Reagan. He describes his musical style as versatile, “I think I’m quite versatile; I have learnt to deliver what is needed more than what I want. I rap from the leading of the Holy Spirit or my current state of mind,” he explained. Joshua is all about personal growth and him practising on his piano skills is one way he applies that, additionally he studies small businesses.

Tumelo Baldwin Monareng formally known as Cartoon but now goes by the stage name (which is also his second name) Baldwin, he is a creative that by profession is a graphic designer/pre-press technician. The Ekurhuleni born Christian rapper shares in one of the singles he raps that, rapping was more his cousin’s thing and he would rap on the down-low. He is passionate about the art form, from the music he listens to, those that influence him one can clearly see how he got into South African Christian Hip Hop.

Baldwin shared that he believes that the Last Day Fam is one of the pioneers that have made South African Christian Hip Hop what it is today. But as he works hard in promoting South African Christian Hip Hop and schooling new cats in the art form he is slowly becoming a pioneer himself. He is a creative that is rooted in Christ and business-minded, his moves in what he does are strategic and calculated and taken prayerfully. His personality is chilled, humble and friendly. His love for God and people is evident in how he mingles with the audience before, during and after a show.

The two share a brotherhood that is complementary and building. They are leaders who seek to mentor others. The collaborations and stages shared with new talent it is evident they are making disciples through their music for Jesus Christ. The duo is also part of the business Co3 group alongside their manger Juelz Johnson and other partners. They define South African Christian Hip hop as “hip hop that is God-breathed.” The Followers have only released singles, due to a pact that they made “We have made a pact that, we will release singles until the both of us are no longer single,” shared the Followers. Their commitment to music and to their friendship is inspirational, they added that if one is in a relationship and the other is not they still will not release an album. Currently, both are single so wink wink, nudge nudge Church Girls.

The SA CHH duo has released their latest single titled LAW; the song reminds us that when hard times come, Love always wins. Take a listen to it, share and tag your bae. There is more to come as most SACHH artists are cooking new music in their home studios, the Followers comments that “This (Lockdown due to Corona Virus) is actually a good time for SACHH. Hopefully, they have home studios.

We often joke about how these rappers have day jobs that are way far off from music (has nothing to do with music). This Lockdown means we are gonna be flooded by projects. We just pray everyone is safe and working hard. ” As lockdown continues here is some additional advice from the Followers “Give us ‘you’ – music that you believe in”

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