Tyrese Sineker opens up in this week’s In Sync about his inspiration and aspirations as a producer in the SA CHH circles.

Cape town based Tyrese draws inspiration from different sources to create beats and music that helps people get through life. His music is versatile, introspective and vibey “I am also aiming for my message to reach young people…. like boom-bap was the one that would inspire back then but now it is different, things are constantly evolving people are now doing drill so you need to evolve with the times and sounds.”. Tyrese Sineker who goes by the producer name T-45 beats, explains that T-45 is symbolic of his life, “ ’45 is a plane and the T does not stand for my name but it is T for trenches, as in where I come from” Tyrese shared that he is from a neighbourhood that has been overwhelmed by gangsterism, teenage pregnancy and other factors that have resulted in many residents losing hope. “A lot of people don’t have dreams,” he noted, music somehow found him in this and provided an escape and the more he spent in music the better he became. He began to dream and now most of those dreams have become a reality, he wants his beats to be a testimony of where he came from to where his going that even when he soars, he will remain humble and grounded by that which birthed the sounds he creates.

"Heavy Thoughts" (Free) - Sad Emotional Storytelling Deep Piano Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental
Heavy Thoughts beat – T-45

He would like to work with Neville D, Jonathan Rubain, and Dr Tumi in the future. He listens to a few SA CHH artists namely Allan P, Gruth, Malko, Incense, Lux Kent, King Smasher, and Jabulani Majola. Sound selection – what is the feel or type of sound that is selected and is it relevant, Arrangement – how those sounds are queued to create an overall interesting beat that people won’t sleep on, and Processing – the standard of mixing and mastering of the track are the three things Tyrese looks out for when producing or listening to a produced track.

What I would advise the 10-year-old me is to push through, realise adversity is part of the journey. It just a bad time, not a bad life, tough times don’t last tough people do. Keep it moving but not all the time know when to put your head down and think about life. Learn to appreciate every part of the journey.

Tyrese Sineker

He suggested that we be on the lookout for Malko, “the guy is a beast!” Tyrese exclaimed. He has been producing for almost 5 years now, but we came to know about him from the EP by King Smasher & Malko, and Lux Kent’s Gcwala series. Of all his productions his favourite track to have produced was Mama by Lux Kent because of the story, “it was a good beat that allowed Lux to communicate his story and others were touched by it,” he explained. Tyrese is studying HR and Sound Engineering and hopes to one-day score music for shows and movies. He is currently working on projects with the LLM guys and even some international cats, so watch this space.

Lux Kent - Mama | Ep5 | (Gcwala Series)
Mama – Lux Kent prod. T-45

You can follow Tyrese on Instagram @t45beats and subscribe to his YouTube channel to see his latest beats on offer. “Keep the faith and keep working. We are all gonna get there if we put in the work. It is easy to get discouraged as a creative… but just keep the faith. And try more than one thing, like try ten things- you can’t tell me if you try ten things you will fail in all of them. maybe one thing won’t work out but not all. But yeah, most importantly keep the faith,” he encouraged.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.