Every week we get to know more about the artists who go hard in the SA CHH game and what inspires them to do so and this week is no different. With August being national women’s month SACHH has dedicated this month’s In Sync Wednesdays to the queens of South African Christian Hip Hop. This week we zone in on Zinzi Kahnish.

Zinzi Kahnish started out as a secular artist but took the decision to use her talent to witness to young people about the Gospel, “my belief is that Praise and Worship are not fixed genres but I feel a genre is just a tool we use based on the gift an individual carries. So with me, the Lord has blessed me with the gifts of Rapping and singing and I am enjoying how I am exploring how far I can stretch these gifts through Hip-hop and other genres such as dancehall and new age RnB. So to narrow it down, God chose Hip-hop for me because he knows what he has planted inside of me and I believe my ministry is to encourage and draw young people to Christ using Holy Spirit inspired songs that they can connect to and enjoy,” expressed Zinzi.  Her musical influences come from people and musicians who God has used to push her closer to her ministries such as Pastor Senie Mdluli (who groomed her in the early days of becoming a worshipper)and Bongani Masuku, other musical influences include Pastor Benjamin Dube, Maranda Curtis, Travis Greene, Lecrae, Tasha Cobbs, and Mahalia Buchanan.

Zinzi Kahnish - Rock Of Ages
Rock of Ages – Zinzi Kahnish

Zinzi Kubheka grew up in a loving home with a prayerful mother. She counts herself blessed to have been raised by an open-minded mother who in spite of her being a Mathematician she encouraged Zinzi to pursue music and entertainment because she recognised her daughter’s gift before even Zinzi saw it in herself. “The one thing I love about it is that it has touches of the elements that come from different genres to give the listener a unique and full sound experience. Another thing I take seriously about my music style would be the visuals attached to the music I make hence why I have teamed up with award-winning filmmakers from Li8 Media Houser to take my music videos to a whole new level and bring the songs to life,” commented Zinzi. The femcee has released two singles( Rock of Ages and Church Girl) accompanied by their respective music videos which have even been featured on our TV screens. Zinzi shared that she is putting together and will be releasing a couple of songs in anticipation for something amazing, “All I can say is God is moving in an incredible way and every song that will be released is Jesus inspired,” she added.

It is The Word of God. I’m saying this because the Eternal Word of God is what makes the content on a song to be timeless and essentially becomes a hit!

Zinzi Kahnish

She has experienced more challenges before she became a Christian rapper than she has since being one. “I have seen Gods Hand upon me in an incredible way. The doors and platforms I never expected to engage in my music have reached out to me and I really thank the Lord for reminding me once again that He owns everything and He will part seas for me to get me where He wants to take me. Also, I believe what would discourage others does not have the ability or power to discourage a child of God,” elaborated Zinzi. She has had many amazing experiences on stage but she has found most of her best performances are those where she performed in the house of God. “There’s something about gathering in the house of God and worshipping in one accord that messes me up all the time.” Live performances, according to Zinzi are one of the best parts about being a musician and she personally goes out of her way to make each of her live performances beautiful. For Zinzi Sound Quality + Professional Dancers + the Presence of God = A great live performance. The sound quality: would include the band or the DJ she will work with for the performance, and rehearsals are crucial for the best show! Professional dancers are the way to go and what makes it more interesting is when the dancers are of different styles because they always make a beautiful backdrop and bring a vibe on stage with her. “The most important thing to me as a gospel hip-hop artist is experiencing the Presence of God as we worship in a live performance. I pray for this because at the end of the day it is our calling to bring people into His Presence and let The Lord move and take over the show to do What Only He Can Do,” accounted Zinzi.

Zinzi Kahnish - Church Girl
Church Girl – Zinzi Kahnish

Her favourite Christian femcees are Allegro Nevella, Wande, and Melisagotgrace. “It has become a movement which has exposed young people to the Christian way of living in the most relevant and fresh way. From trap right up to vernacular rap music, South African Christian Hip Hop has become a breath of fresh air to young Christians trying to find where they fit in the body of Christ,” pointed out Zinzi, she also suggested that we be on the lookout for  Lungelo Mtswemba Dube and Phenom The Anointed. Zinzi is somewhat new to CHH but not to hip hop, your girl got bars, but greater than her bars is her tenacious serving attitude.

She wears her relationship with God on her sleeves, bars, and spirit of excellence. If you don’t know about her by now then please follow her on all social media platforms @zinzikahnish, don’t get caught snoozing on our SACHH femcees. Zinzi Kahnish shared these words to encourage SACHH artists, “the Word of God is alive; never forget to attach Jesus Christ to everything you do. In this walk, it is important to put on the full armor of God because the moment you say Jesus is Lord you have declared war. The battles are not ours to fight but for our Lord to fight for us. This is why there should be no room for fear but rather operate in the Love of God instead. Lastly, What you declare and confess in a song should resonate with the life you live!”

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.