New release from JustSolidMuzik

This week on iota Episodes JustSolidMuzik released the single Gape. The Music Series has been receiving good feedback. JustSolidMuzik shared with us last week that the team is looking at building up followers on his pages leading up to the drop of his album.

So please listen to the episodes, comment, and share the SoundCloud link.

"Prayer life on a k 
Grace floods on a daily
No weapon against Faith strapped ,man I'm dangerous/
Hanging with God like we bestfriends /
Conversations on the verses/
Holla back when you get this /
Walk in the light Man I'm ducking the shade"
Gape - JustSolidMusik
Gape – JustSolidMuzik

Gape is a testament of how hopeful true vulnerability is, Solid details the lows and highs of his relationship with God and how being with God has made his life better. What were the lows and highs of your personal relationship with God, and how has God shown His faithfulness in all seasons?

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