The Team, Don D, Z_Lus The Zeal, Ricwa and Keagan Holland jump on three remixes of JD Crosson’s “Click Bang”

Sachh has the least number of collaborations compared to other genres of music in South Africa and that is quite concerning, which is why the news of these remixes is so special to us as the Sachh community.

We were not the only ones excited and in a celebratory mood, the featured artists also took to the socials and expressed their gratitude. JD Crosson also expressed himself on Facebook with the message below

I’m all about finding ways for all of us to climb up the ladder. Supporting one another and also creating an opportunity to get people to hear amazing talent and hearts sold out to the call. I respect and appreciate every artist that without hesitation said yes to this, they truly delivered.

We say big up to JD for this and look forward to seeing a culture of togetherness and collaboration in the Chh circle, especially in South Africa.

Check the remixes below, share with friends and family

The Team

Don D and Z_Lus The Zeal

Ricwa and Keagan Holland