Member of El tribus, Keagan Holland releases a hot dope mixtape, titled The Promised Land.

As we know Keagan, where he is trap is alive in there.

This is what he had to say about the project
“The project is to shift the mindset of I need to make it to the Promised Land to, I have received the Promised Land … even through our Desert and Egypt experiences, our God has never left us, we have all we need inside ourselves.

We realize that material things don’t matter, the only thing that matters is the promises of God. which we have received by grace through faith, by the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Bellow is the tracklist of the Promised Land:

– [1] Intro (ft. Jaime)
– [2] No ceilings
– [3] Tell me
– [4] Take off (ft. Anrich Winnaar & The Witness)
– [5] No respect (ft. Katelin & SeriouslyDaniel)
– [6] Hope of Tomorrow
– [7] Promised Land
– [8] Jackpot
– [9] YDNK Remix (ft. el tribus)
– [10] Line of fire

Get it for streaming HERE