It’s been two years since the Kings of the South tour, the Kings have been in the booth cooking something special, they released their first single this year on the 25th of May 2020 titled God Will Make a Way. The single is available on all music streaming platforms.

Even in the darkest and most stressful times, God has proven himself time and time again that He is faithful, just trust that it is all in God’s hands.


The song has a timely message for the times we’re facing right now, reminding us to trust in Him for He will make a Way. Keagan and Ricwa took a different direction as far as the musical feel of the song, although the style is in Keagan’s backyard the artist shared that they are doing a different thing this time.

I’m doing more of Ricwa’s style, he is gonna try my style and we gonna try a style that we both have never tried yet.

Keagan Holland

“He will see you through every test,” as the chorus sang by Will encourages us to trust God in every test, troubles surely will come but God will give us the strength to face whatever comes our way. Worship together with them and encourage yourself in the Lord with this song, God Will Make a Way.

Be sure to tune in on their Facebook page as they share about the song ad the dynamics of working as a duo this Saturday, 30 May 2020 at 4 pm.

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