Shawn V who has been in ministry for years released his debut spoken word album last year titled Unmasked. A 7-track project features Armando, Brenda Wainwright, and also SA CHH artists Jhey Dot, EJ, and Prince Dube.

The 7 tracks explore the honest unfiltered and undiluted truth. From the truth of creation to the truth of hidden sins and liberating work of salvation. Unashamed and Famous for Christ shares the heart art ministers shoulf\d have when it comes to fame and success, that the purpose should ultimately be to speak out God word the gospel that liberates never forgetting that it is Jesus, not us who can save.

“It is the outward reflection of God’s perfection confessing the resurrection and Holy Spirit Injection”

Unashamed – Shawn v

Guilt & Shame and Freedom are poems that seem to resolve one another. In Guilt & Shame, Shawn v talks about the shame of sin and trying to hide from God and others, yet in contrast, Freedom talks about the freedom we have in Christ; freedom from sin. The vulnerability in the poems invites the listener into a safe space where they can confess and share their deepest secrets knowing all that they will find his love, healing, and freedom.

Unmasked Album tracklist

Creation speaks about the dawn of creation and Coming Back about Christ’s imminent second coming it is seeming intentional that they are the first and last tracks of the album and that the second last is Wake UP ft Prince Dube, EJ, and Jhey Dot. Wake Up calls all to wake to the urgency of the times and that we should change our focus from what the enemy and false prophets are doing to what God has called us to do because the time is near.

The production was pretty straightforward with no major effect perhaps because it is about unmasking so there was no need for the gimmicks. The delivery shows promise but would like to hear the live edition. The album is available on all major digital music platforms, check it out and share with us your unmasked thoughts. Follow him on social media @wordsbyshawnv to catch his latest performances.

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