W.A.N.T.S - Music Every Wednesday

As promised Blaque Nubon dropped his latest single yesterday titled Dear Hip Hop. The song opened a box of emotions and comments about people’s disappointments with Hip Hop as a genre and as a culture.

The open letter to the loved art form details his sacrifices and the feelings of betrayal of what it has become. He ends off the list of issues he has with Hip Hop with “si grand but I can’t trust you as a friend.” Listen to it now at all your digital music platforms.

How would your letter to Hip Hop read? Share your thoughts with us …

We are loving the honesty and hope that these Music Wednesdays lead to an album release from Blaque.

We Are Not The Same and let us make known to whom do we belong. All this music has this year smelling like a SA CHH year.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.