SACHH artist Adriaan Jacobs shared with us about his latest three singles available now on Youtube and will be followed by the official release on all digital music platforms on Spring Day. All three of the singles feature Shaunray. The two shared that they came together, shared their testimonies, and created art.

Adriaan Jacobs - Praise the King ft. Shaunray (Prod. AngelLaCienca)(Audio)
Praise the King – Adriaan Jacobs ft. Shaunray

The first single is “Praise the King.” “Thinking about what God has brought me through and praising Him for the things that are yet to be done,” was what inspired Adriaan’s lyrics on the single. “It is about checking yourself as being in Christ and the Kingdom of God and how with God we overcome. We want to attract young people to a type of vibe that they can enjoy, the song symbolizes young people’s call out by worshiping God in a form of vibing and Praising God,” expanded Shaunray

Adriaan Jacobs - Jesus ft. Shaunray (Prod. AngelLaCienca)(Audio)
Jesus – Adriaan Jacobs ft. Shaunray

 “Jesusspeaks about who Jesus is in our lives, despite our mistakes and shortcomings. Jesus is always there, His grace and mercy in our lives. Acknowledging the Holy Spirit in everything that we go through whether good or bad.

Adriaan Jacobs - Truth ft. Shaunray (Audio)
Truth – Adriaan Jacobs ft. Shaunray

The third single titled “Truth” has a classic feel, “removing the mask that we sometimes wear to paint a life free of suffering and pain. “Truth” is a personal piece where we share what we’ve seen and been through. Although we are in Christ, we have challenges that we face and overcome through His Blood.”

The 3 singles are available only on Youtube since the 18th of August 2020, please like, subscribe and leave a comment on Youtube. SACHH always bringing the latest in all things SACHH.

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