Gruth from the Kingsmen has released a single from the EP with the same title Sully which he released last year.

The track is a mix of Xhosa and English, it talks of the shortfalls we have as human beings and how we need Jesus Christ on a daily to be made right with God.

It feels like Gruth takes us through the Roman Road to Salvation in this song (from the problem, the solution to the results), it reminds us once again of their pillars at LLM to share biblical truth in creative ways.

The beat has a mixture of Trap and RnB influences with a hint of the old school on the key arrangement.

With that Hosea love, You’re pursuing me, covering my nudity.

Sully – Gruth

Although the track can be used for evangelism, its context highlights the highs and lows of the personal journey we have with Christ, and how sufficient God’s grace is. The single is a bible study; I am encouraged to seek out the characters that he highlights and reflect on God’s love for us through their lives.

Take a listen and share with us your personal testimony of salvation and sanctification.