Incense is at it again as promised to bring music on the regular this year, his second EP of the year today titled Skhaftin available now on all digital music platforms.

The project was produced by Shani who also produced Incense’s last single People You May Know( listen now). The producer also features on one of the EP’s four tracks.

gatekeepers they be killing my vibe, on God I ain’t paying no bribe

Mental – Incense SA

The project is short and sweet packed with some nuggets of the life of a SA CHH rapper from love, money faith, and how it sometimes interwinds the album is the skhaftin(lunch box) that will have going back for more. Mental hits you in the feels whilst Yes Sir is a proper turn-up anthem.

Don’t want to give too much away go listen to the project and share your thoughts on our social media platforms, show your support by following Incense on your favourite digital music platform. Follow the link to listen now.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars