Allan P is dropping a brand new album soon entitled Lovestruck set to be released at the end of April. The rapper recently took to social media to explain the whole idea behind the new album. Initially, the project was set to be released in the early part of 2020 but was postponed as the rapper felt the timing was not right.

However, Allan P feels that the period of waiting had enriched the process of making the album, explaining that he felt ‘like it was God’ to wait. Allan P believes that the album is a product of what he has learnt about himself and what he has learnt about God over the past year. Lovestruck is intended to be a very personal and authentic project. Its message is simply to reflect on a deeper revelation of God’s love. The album is completely self-produced by Allan P himself and contains no features. Allan P said that the Lovestruck feels like his best piece of work.

AllAN.P - Back To The Garden | #SundayTapesLiveSessions
Back To The Garden – Allan P

In Allan P’s “Sunday Tape Live Sessions”, he performed the second track on the album, Back to the Garden. The song focuses on restoration and is very nostalgic in the sense of experiencing the presence of God again. The song itself has a smooth RNB sound that overlaps with a worship atmosphere. The flow is relaxed and moves effortlessly from verse to verse. The Album Tracklist was revealed recently and it includes Allan P’s single New Day.

1. Awestruck

2. Back to the Garden

3. I Need Your Grace

4. Can’t Fail Me Now

5. Never Let Me Go

6. Funugwenzan

7. Your Word

8. Your Will

9. New Day

10. Lovestruck

Lovestruck tracklist

The album is set to be released on the 30th of April 2021. Use the link below to pre-save the album and keep the snoozer algorithms at bay.

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