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LandmarQue lifts the fog with the drop of his debut music video FOG. The video went live on YouTube on the 26th of January and has gotten some attention from Slikouronlife too. After watching the video and reviewing it we got in touch with LandmarQue to hear what was the heart and artistic process behind the music video.

In the video, the setting and wardrobe choices give off a Godfather vibe where LandmarQue is reflecting as he drives and walks through JHB. He raps on all that he observes and the fogging confusion it causes in those around him. The rhetoric is placed in every bar like chapters of an epistle, one can go as far as to say that this is a rapper’s epistle and all is answered by the last hook “tell my people we goin’ figure this out.” Its 2021 and the pandemics continue, many are asking themselves what’s next, is there a “next” and like a guardian and messenger the artist wants the listener not to go by what is happening or lose hope but that yes; we are going to figure this out. The video concept and musicality is going to level up the game, it will challenge the mainstream sex sells concept in Daniel’s fashion… The video is refreshing; in the land of unintentional visual concepts to a video that is a musical short story FOG definitely changes the game for CHH music videos. However, I have a sneaking suspicion it will stir the pot even amongst believers but isn’t that what true Hip Hop is supposed to do?

March…when lockdown started and things had slowed down completely, confusion was rife; the discovery of this virus, having seen the abuse of what happens to people in ministries and I was like what’s actually happening here, you know? Well, what’s going on?… the title was precisely because the atmosphere had become completely foggy, right? The things that you relied on as your compass, the things that people tend to cling to, to give them the essence of who they are as an identity, kind of gets shattered. Right. So the question is, what are you holding on to when the thing that you used to hold on to refuses to hold you? And there were so many questions at the time. I mean, that’s why I even have the line about Kanye, right? Because there was this huge thing, even in the faith circles, they were like, yah, you know, who is Kanye and why must he be. Why are people gravitating to him? He’s not even Christian, and I was like, why? I mean, why would people criticize, you know, who are they, right? If God uses who he chooses then who are people to criticize the vessel that the message comes in, you know, so there was just so many questions, right? It was just a litany of fog, Then that’s why in the end, I was like, you know, Yes, it may be confusing right now, so many injustices, so much pain that people have experienced, so many people have become harmed; innocent people having become harmed by circumstances that they had no control over, subjugation prejudices…


The video was a collaboration of brief inspired by the track (produced by Scotty Soul from South Korea) and brought to life by LS Design. One of the first things you might have noticed is the Q U E at the end of the artist’s stage name, LandmarQue shares this is all intentional changes as he and his team are somehow officially introduced him as an artist. “this track is actually not new, I recorded these tracks and wrote them in the belly of the lockdown. And released it on the 27th of April…it was a seven-track mixed tape. I called it that because I had used beats, from commercially known beats from Drake, Meek Mills, and Kanye West… To cut a long story short people heard it in they were like, wait a minute, this, this is great,” shared LandmarQue, the lockdown then birthed a beat-making show that he hosted along with other producers and commentators, which led to the discovery of talented producers and the idea to remix the mixtape but this time it would be with original beats and be commercially available. “And it was through that process that a few other people kind of took note this particular agency was like, wait a minute, how are you planning to release it? Can we help you distribute? So I’ve got an interesting entity helping me to put this stuff out… So the strategy then was okay, cool you got all these tracks.

We’ve heard them now. You’ve recorded them. Let’s do a release strategy, you know, instead of just dropping the project, you know, let’s drop it single by single because for all intents and purposes, you still an unknown artist, especially if you change your name because there was another landmark. So I had to make it Q U E….. And let’s just kind of rollout, something to engage the culture one track at a time and then drop the project. So that’s where we are. So this was the first single, the next one is scheduled to drop on the 10th of February. The video was also shot,” elaborated LandmarQue.

LandmarQue - FOG (Official Music Video) - Produced by Scotty Soul
FOG – LandmarQue

Well, we have said much we would like to hear from you what are your views on the music video, oh and what do you think about the SAX? Please comment on our Facebook post what your thoughts are and share the link. The song is also available on all digital music stores. Be sure to set a reminder for his next video release on the 10th of this month, it is also another conversation starter. Quick question if you listened to the mixtape what was the original title for this track?

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