New South African Christian Hip Hop artist

Alert! Alert! SACHH nation, there is a new kid on the block, he goes by the name Brave Dave and is based at Garden Route, Goerge in the Western Cape. We got to chat with the young SACHH rapper and here are 10 facts about him:

  1. His real name is David Ackermann
  2. The reason behind the stage name… “I chose this name as I believe everyone desires to be bold and brave concerning the things, they are passionate about. To be brave is to pioneer paths for others to follow where there is none, it is to be grounded in humility whilst having confidence in that which you believe. I believe in Jesus Christ and the power of his crucifixion and I aspire to be brave in representing him through my passion, hip-hop. That is why I chose the name Bravedave.”
  3. Dave is 22 years old
  4. He got into Christian Hip Hop because… “In high school, I came to know Jesus and although I enjoy normal gospel music when I first listened to a CHH group Beautiful Eulogy I experienced the truths of Scripture like never before. From onwards I enjoyed listening, writing and developing my craft around CHH. I am also currently in my last year of studies with my Theology degree.”
  5. His music style is yet developing, but it is based in old-school, the ’90s, hip-hop with Christ-centred lyrics whilst keeping it real.
  6. His motive is “To bring across the message of the Bible and the works and words of Jesus Christ through the means of excellent hip-hop music. I believe God has given me a talent and I want to use that talent to the best of my abilities.”
  7. In regards to music expectations… “People can expect music that they will not only bob their heads to; but hopefully stretch their hearts and their minds to the message being conveyed. I desire to make music that will glorify God and lead people to Him.”
  8. “I would love to feature on a track with Last Days Fam. I can relate to their style of music and their genre of Hip-hop specifically. It feels like I can just jump into one of their songs and spit a few bars.”
  9. He has many songs in the pipeline that he says he will be dropping in a month or so…
  10. He has a track out by the title Just Jesus ft Shuriken it is available on Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, and Itunes
Just Jesus – Bravedave

SACHH welcomes the BraveDave, let us know what you think about his new track. Let us support our new brother in the SACHH nation by following him on Facebook, Instagram @therbave_dave or subscribe to him on Youtube -Brave Dave.

SACHH raises the flag and raises the bars.